Design wall 12/7/15 string quilt top finished

The top is finally done! Yea!! I just put a thin grey border and then a small black outer border to finish off the top. I do like it much better, now that it’s done and I can see the whole thing laid out.

Now I have to get back to my Kansas row by row quilt………we’re supposed to bring them to our January guild meeting……….I still fon’t have a clue as to what to do with the rows.? Oh well,  it’s back on the design wall and maybe something will come to me this time.

That’s it for me this week. To see more walls check out


2 thoughts on “Design wall 12/7/15 string quilt top finished

  1. I love your string quilt! Are the sashing strips different colors or is that the lighting? Either way, I am going to try different sashing shades in my next string quilt. Your Kansas quilt is wonderful too. Is everyone in your guild making the same quilt?


  2. alwaysquilts

    Marti, The blocks and sashing strips change color across the quilt. I started with white and then went into several shades of grey and finished with black. For the row by row quilt top, I think we had a couple of groups that exchanged rows. There are 5 in my group that all have the same rows.


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