my first dyeing experience

Well, I did it!!! I dyed some fabric. I jumped in with both feet and learned a lot! Most of what I learned was what NOT to do.

I wasn’t sure what colors I was going to get, so I decided to do the 24 shades.  I had all the containers marked by number and I started putting all the red dye in first. I went down the list and put the correct amount into each one. Except the last cup because I ran out of red dye. so it just got a few drops. Then I  put in the yellow. No problem,  except on cups 8 & 9 I think I mixed them up. Anyway, had lots of yellow left over so it went in to the last cup with the red drops. Then I went to blue and filled each one with the blue, putting the left over in the last cup. So I didn’t actually get color 24 which I believe now should have been a shade of purple. Anyway, after that I took and put in the fabric. Well, I didn’t do that right because some of the pieces came out looking like tye dyed. Here’s all the colors I got.

I didn’t think about the fact that I was doing the dyeing using directions for fat quarters and I was putting in half yard cuts. I think I should have used more dye. That would have helped, I’m sure. I did get some pretty  fabric anyway.

I was ironing the fabric and I see something on these 2 pieces. I took closeups,  do you see anything?

Well, that’s it for now. I will file this experience as a learning one. Next time maybe the fabric will come out looking more like I want it to look. LOL!!  although, I do like this. Maybe I should make a turning twenty or some other quilt that uses large squares.  hhhhhmmmmm.

Oh well, have  great day!


8 thoughts on “my first dyeing experience

  1. Penny

    I love those!! I would be worried that it wouldn’t be color fast. Let us know how that turns out. I have thought about trying this, myself. Was it fun?


  2. Very cool. It’s fun to see what you get as a result of your efforts. Also, I see a face. I don’t know why, but it made me think of that crazy Bruce Willis movie, but I definitely see a face.


  3. andicrafts

    I think they came out great! I dyed for the first time myself recently. TeresaL and I think alike – before I read her response, I thought “I see a lions face (the Cowardly Lion?) and the Tin Man. You designed your own Wizard of Oz fabric!!


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