Our 2019 mystery lock in quilt

We held our lock in back in March but because another quilt shop did the mystery a few weeks later, it kept us from sharing this years quilt until after they hosted the mystery. I can happily say that the mystery has been solved and the pattern is now available in our Etsy shop. This years mystery is called Road to Ireland. We have seen many quilts finished in awesome colors!! It’s always fun to see the color choices that are used in the mystery. My quilt was made using a few Kaffe prints, some hand dyed fabrics as well as a few batik prints pulled from my stash.

Sharon now has the pattern available on our Etsy shop. 😀

Check it out.


String quilt’s

I am enjoying the process of making string quilts. Although I do my string quilts a little different from most, the outcome would appear to be the same. With that being said, here is my latest string quilt that I’ve been working on.

I am debating over whether to add a string border………what do you think?

Feather video

I seem to take lots of pictures with the intention of posting them but I never seem to get the posting done. Anyway, I was looking back at some of the pics from last year and ran across a little video that I did. It’s not the best because I was holding the phone in one hand and quilting with the other and I couldn’t look at what I was filming and quilting at the same time.😳 I love quilting feathers!

That’s how I quilt freehand feathers. 😀


Wood ruler racks

The other night at my guild meeting, several of the prizes were wooden ruler racks. I didn’t win one but it got me to thinking about the ones that I own.

These are two of mine. One is small and I keep small items on it and the other one is my favorite because it angles up. I keep my odd size rulers on it. I have a couple more big ones that are flat and I store my larger rulers on them. How do you store your rulers?


Guild meeting

Tonight was our monthly guild meeting and we always have a party in December. We had lots of good food and played bingo for wonderful prizes. The ladies in charge made bingo cards and put different fabrics on them.

You had to yell QUILT if you won. I didn’t win any of the games but it was fun playing! We did the wave whenever someone at our table won.😀

We had little snowflakes to cover our boards. What a fun night!


Black vs white background

Since I decided to do the 31 day blog challenge, I’m having to come up with topics to write about. After looking back through my pics from the last year, I came across a quilt I had made earlier this year and then did the same design on the blue string quilt that I just pieced. So my question to you is….which do you prefer?

This quilt is made from a variety of different colored strings with a black background.

This one is the same pattern but I only used blue fabrics with a white background.

So…….which one do you like better???

I like the……………🤭


Accuquilt die

I love using my accuquilt cutter whenever I can. The dies are made to cut one size and that’s it. They can’t make a die for every size of every possible shape there is in the quilting world so sometimes you have to get creative and think of different ways to use the dies. If you have the 10″ square die, you can cut other squares that are smaller too. Here’s what I came up with.

I marked starting with 6″ and did every 1/2″ up to the 10″ cut.

Let’s say I need to cut a 7″ square. I would lay the fabric beyond the 7″ mark.

First cut

Next step, turn the piece around and line up with The marks you made on the die.

Run through the cutter again and you now have a 7″ square.

How easy is that?? I bet you could square up blocks too.

Have you found other ways to use the dies?

That’s it for now.