Design wall 12/14/15 Ks row by row/Wizard of Oz blocks

Ok, back to the KS rbr. I decided not to put any sashings between the rows, just sew them together, that way I could add the extra Dorothy row onto the bottom. I had to add some fabric between the blocks in order to get the width I needed, so I put some ruby slipper fabric in there.  

Now the plan is to use more of that leftover Wizard of Oz fabric, so I am making some blocks to add to the sides of the quilt. I fussy cut pictures from the fabric that I had already fussy cut a few squares from years ago. 

I could still get a few more squares out of it, but I think the rest of this can go into the scrap box.

I framed each square with a diagonal print that was in the WoZ line and now I’m making them into a square  in a square block.
That block just happens to be the one that I ran out of fabric on. I had to piece a little strip in order to have enough. (I know I’m trying to use up my stash, but I’d rather not cut things THAT close!! LOL!!😜)

Anyway, once I get all the blocks made, I’ll add them onto the sides, then…

 Add a border and call it done! I should have it ready for my guild meeting in January. Yea!

So that’s what I have going on today. To see what others have on their walls check out


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