My temperature quilt

Little did I know that when I decided to make a temp quilt, it would be a year to remember!!

I don’t want any negativity against my quilt, so I will move on and say that the lowest high was 18 and the highest temp was 97.

I kept track of the high temp each day and used the color for the day to make the square for that day. This is how the quilt turned out.

There are several different ways to make temperature quilts. Do your own thing, and have fun making one.

Mine happened to be done during the year of COVID, but you can do yours anytime! I challenge you to make a temp quilt!! Let me know if you do.

2 thoughts on “My temperature quilt

  1. Anonymous

    Your quilt is just lovely
    ! I could be inspired by what you have accomplished. I love the quilting also.
    It has been a difficult year but you have beauty to show for it.
    Thank you for sharing


  2. Anonymous

    I knitted a scarf that was patterned on the average temperature over 100years. It was a sobering experience as the colours got redder and redder towards the end. A very sad and very moving experience.


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