Decisions, decisions…..

Sometimes it is so hard to decide what fabrics to use for a quilt. Our mystery “Lock in” is coming up in March and I need to get my quilt made. We’ve designed a pattern for it, but now we have to get ours made and write the instructions. I’ve been debating between using a black background fabric……


Or using a white background fabric…..

And if that’s not hard enough to decide on………now I’m kind of thinking that I might throw this green into the mix!

  I really like that green with that batik!!

Oh!!!! I just can’t decide!! Guess I won’t start cutting anything yet.

Since I can’t decide on the mystery quilt, I thought I’d work on my Kansas row by row today. I sewed the side borders on and added an outside border all the way around so it’s ready to be quilted.

I have to find something to use for a backing. I’ll probably have to make a pieced backing for it. Maybe I can use up some stash!! 

That’s it for now.