Design wall 1/25/16 blue and white rows 

They’re back……….I had these on the wall several months ago but had to take them down when I started putting the Kansas row by row together.

 The challenge was to have them ready for our Feb guild meeting. Knowing that wasn’t going to happen, I took them down and figured someday I’d get back to them.

Well, lucky me, the due date got changed to our May meeting so I might be able to do something with it now and make the deadline. Yea!

Our Kansas quilts were shown at our Jan meeting. Here’s a final look at mine.

I’ve been working on my lock in mystery quilt and all I have left is to add the borders. It’s pretty wild but I love it! I’ll share it at a later date.

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Plans change……..😳

I planned on quilting customer quilts today but the old machine was acting up. It’s the machine with the IQ (computer) on it. I use it for pantographs. Anyway, I didn’t trust it enough to load someone else’s quilt on it  so I loaded my Kansas row by row and started quilting it. After lots of adjusting here and there, I finally got it back up to par and working like it should. Whew!  So, although I didn’t plan on quilting mine today, it’s done!  

I figured since it was a Kansas quilt I should quilt sunflowers on it, since that’s our state flower.  I love the way the quilted sunflowers matched up with the row of appliqued sunflowers. 


I made a scrappy back for it too, so I used up more fabric from my stash! Yea! 


Even though things didn’t go as planned today, it worked out because I needed to have my quilt quilted before my guild meeting next week. I sure hope tomorrow’s plan works out! 😀  but if not…..I’ll make the best of it.


Design wall 12/7/15 string quilt top finished

The top is finally done! Yea!! I just put a thin grey border and then a small black outer border to finish off the top. I do like it much better, now that it’s done and I can see the whole thing laid out.

Now I have to get back to my Kansas row by row quilt………we’re supposed to bring them to our January guild meeting……….I still fon’t have a clue as to what to do with the rows.? Oh well,  it’s back on the design wall and maybe something will come to me this time.

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KS row by row possibilities………….

I guess it’s a good thing about leaving the row by row on my design wall as it  keeps it on my mind. Several years ago I made a quilt from the Wizard of Oz fabric line and I wondered if I had any of the fabric left over and if it would possibly work in my KS quilt. (Since Dorothy was from Kansas.) I had no plans of digging around and trying to find it (since I wasn’t even sure I had any left).

The strip quilt I’m working on has my attention at the moment. I’m not cutting any strips but going through tubs of leftover fabrics looking for strips that are less than 2″ wide. Well, as luck would have it, I just happened to run across the leftover Wizard of Oz fabric! Although there’s not a lot of it, there is more than I thought!! I’m thinking I might add another row to my quilt. Think Dorothy would look good as a row across the bottom? I would have to add to it because it isn’t wide enough.

If I put Dorothy in there, I could use up these fabrics too!

I have one more piece that I fussy cut squares from.

  Sure wish I had the whole piece! 😳 oh well……

Eventually I’ll start working on getting all this put together. For now though, I’m going back to strings. I’m halfway done with them!! Yea!


Design wall 10/12/15 Kansas row by row

Since my Kansas row by row quilt top is due before the blue and white row by row is, I decided to get it out and on the wall. I have no idea at this point as to what I will do with it. Hmmmmm…………..

I placed the rows in different places and finally decided that I like the rows best like this. Now I have to decide on sashings and borders.

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Design wall 9/28/15 Last 2 blue row by rows

I finally finished making the last rows for the blue and white row by row exchange. 😀 I am so glad they are done! Whew!!

I started out doing EPP and making these. With the plan of making 36………. 

Well, that didn’t happen!! I stopped at 6 and changed my mind on what to make. I decided to do Dresden plate EPP instead. They were much easier and faster!! 

  I made rows for the other 5 ladies and did the exchange. This morning I finally finished my row. Yea!

I had to decided what to do with those 6 stars that I had made, so I decided that since one of the ladies made me some beautiful embroidered heart blocks to work into my row by row, I would make an extra row for her. I came up with a block that worked and added the stars. So, here’s what is hanging on my design wall today. 

DONE!! Yea!!

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Design wall 6/9/14 Row-by-row

I didn’t have a lot of sewing time last week, so my rows didn’t get finished on the scrappy blue quilt. I had to take it down off the fall and finish my Summer Row by row quilt top.they are due at guild this week, so I finally got the top put together.

The top row had a lot of white background, so I planned from the start to add something there.
I put a partial umbrella. What do you think?

I appliquéd it on over everything, then did some fancy machine stitches to make it look like an umbrella.

I didn’t want to put a lot into it, just wanted it done!! Now I can get back to my scrappy blue rows! 🙂

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Design wall Monday 9-16

After exchanging the summer rows last week, I arranged them a few different ways and I think this is how they look the best. The top row has a large open white space so I have something in mind to put there. I’ll have to play around a bit to see if it will work. I’ll also have to decide whether to put a sashing between the rows or just sew the rows together as is. Decisions, decisions……….
Oh we’ll, here’s my wall……


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