My guild is doing a mystery quilt in our newsletter, each month another step is given.  My plan was to keep up with each step. HAHA!!  I’m a little behind……….these are the August step……… I did ok with the sewing part, but dang, having to square up 190 some half square triangles is taking forever!! I’m getting close though! These are the ones I have left to square up. Unfortunatly……..the stack of squares on the left, is last months step. UGH!! More HST’s……this time only 170 some……..I can do it! I can do it!! I’ve been squaring these up while watching TV. I have to get all these done before I can start on this months step. At least this is the last of the HST’s…….

On the bus trip I went on last month, we recieved a pattern and then at each shop we received 2 black and white strips to make the quilt from the pattern.  The pattern is called Jelly Jive and we can put the black and white strips together and then add our choice of color for the rest of the quilt. I chose purples. I sewed a few  purple strips together today. I don’t want to wait too long to make this or it will go in a drawer or shelf and never get made………

I’m still working on the applique quilt on the machine. It’s very time consuming. When I need a break from it is when I’ve been sewing. Guess I’ll get back to work……………….

Have a good day!


2 thoughts on “HST’s……

  1. Teresa

    WOW! Theresa, you have really been bloggin’. One of these days I am going to get a embroidery machine. But now I need to start doing more bloggin’ on my blog.
    Can’t wait to see the Jelly Jive.


  2. always quilts

    Teresa, you should be proud of me! LOL!! I told you last month I would write something on here. It took another month to actually do it, but now I’m going to try to continue. Now I want to see something new on yours!! LOL!!!


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