Kansas City area Shop Hop

I’m not participating in the shop hop, but I did stop by my LQS today. They said this years hop is going great. We’re having wonderful weather here, so I’m sure that helps.  My sister and niece just happened to come in the shop while I was there, so I visited with them  for a while. Now it’s back home and get some work done. It’s almost too nice outside to go downstairs and quilt, but I will anyway. Here is this years shop hop quilt for Quilters Quarters.  (Since I quilted it,  it’s the only one I’ve seen.)

I love all the bright colors in it.



online auctions

I was checking out the new i pads on the internet a couple days ago and when I googled the i pad, I found some auction sites. Not like ebay where you just bid, but these are sites that you have to buy bids. One of them charges $1.00 per bid. They started bidding on an i pad today at 2:00. Here it is  9:00 tonight, and they are still bidding. The price now is at $26.68.  Each bid the price goes up  a penny. That means that they have made $2,668.00 so far on this $499.00 item. I wish I could make money that fast! I’ve checked in throughout the day and watched the names come up on the bidding. I bet some of these people have bet over a hundred times!! Do they realize how much money they are spending? They could buy the item for less that what they are spending on this bidding! This is crazy!! But I have to go back and find out who wins!!!!!


Now it’s up to $29.15 and still going!!

It’s over! The i pad ended up selling for $32.48.  The site made $3,248.00 selling bids. Unreal!!!!! The winner was one that’s been bidding for hours. I don’t know how much of a bargain he got!!! Probably could’ve bought the i pad outright for less money.  8 hours and 10 minutes of bidding.

all blocks done

I finished the remaining blocks and now I have the first 3 rows pieced. There are 7 rows total, so I’m almost halfway done with the rows. Then to sew the rows together and add the borders. After 9 years, maybe I’ll finish it soon!! LOL!!!

My friend Sharon and I have been asked to do a program in June on mystery quilts, so that’s why I’m trying to finish this top. I have 2 mysteries that needed borders (did those last week), and one more that I need to finish the center and then piece together. Hopefully, I can have these to show that night.

That’s it for now.


Mystery quilts

My favorite books to read are mystery books. So I guess that’s part of why I love mystery quilts. I started out doing mystery quilts on the internet. I found different sites that offered them and I would follow along each week, doing the steps as they were posted. I had fun! I was always anxious to get the next clue. One of my favorites was a tessalations pattern. I could not, I repeat “could not” figure out what the quilt was going to look like, even after I had all the blocks made. Anyway, it ended up being cats. Of course I’ve never seen green and purple cats, but oh well!! Someday I would like to make it in black and whites. Wouldn’t that look good?

This one is Linda Ballards Fractured Crystals. I still have 10 blocks to sew together. I had a hard time trying to figure out the pieces. I finally did. Whew! I only have a few small pieces of the dark fabric, so I was getting nervous that maybe I didn’t have everything cut out, but I finally figured out that I do  have all the pieces.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on for now. I haven’t written on my blog in ages, but I hope to stay more up to date on it.

Oh, and here is this years mystery lock in quilt. We call it Starry Illusions. Sharon and I got lots of compliments on this one,  everyone seemed to like it.

Have a great day!