Not enough hours in the day……..

That’s my problem! I need to figure out how to get more hours each day and then maybe, just maybe, I could get everything done! Ya think? LOL!! No, then I would just find more things that need to get done and I’d still not get everything done. I haven’t taken the time to write anything on here since April. In fact, I told my friend Teresa last month that I would write something since she checks my blog…… Teresa, this ones for you!! I will try to do better! I have been getting some of my UFO’s finished this year! I was so bummed last year when I finished “O”  UFO’s. I’m making up for it this year! I think I’m up to 12 finished and 1 that I have to sew the binding on. And I still have 3 months of the year left! WOO HOO!! Of course, it has helped that I broke down and bought an IQ for my machine. Now I can offer pantographs (edge to edge) designs, instead of doing custom quilting on everything.

Last weekend I took my first quilting bus trip. That was sooo much fun!! We started in KS, then went to quilt shops in Iowa, Minn, back into Iowa and then Missouri. Counting our home shop, we visited 12 shops all together over 3 days. I really enjoyed seeing all the different fabrics and samples that the other shops had. And of course the group of ladies that were on the trip were all super nice! I enjoyed visiting with them as well. If you’ve never done a bus trip, you might consider it sometime! I’m ready to go again!!

My next outing will be going to Houston next month. I’m really excited about going as I’ve never attended festival before. Neither has my friend Robie that is going with me. There might be 3 of us, we’re still wating to hear if Pam can get off work. I hope she can! Anybody reading this going to Houston?

Ok, now I need to get to quilting. I will try to do better at blogging more often. No promises though!! LOL!!!

 Have a great day!!