Jiffy Jive quilt

I’ve made some progress on the Jiffy Jive quilt. I have the purples added to the strips, now it’s time to sew the strips together. The pattern doesn’t call for borders, but I think I’ll add some to my quilt. I have some black and white fabric that has featherweight machines on it and then I picked up a black and white fabric last week that has scissors, I thought that would be great for borders on this. I think it will need a very small inside border as well, I don’t know if I’ll go with the polka dots or use a solid black for that. I have time to think about that part………

I had to take the quilt off the machine that I was working on in order to take a couple feather wreaths out. For some reason the tension messed up on it. Anyway, I put a quilt on that just needed a panto (all over design) on it, so while I’m taking those stitches out the machine can be quilting away on this one. I haven’t used this panto yet but I think it’s coming out nice. Once it’s done I can go back and finish the applique one. I was getting so close to the end too!!

I guess that’s it for now. Have a great weekend!! Oh, and I did get the first set of HST’s all squared up. Now to mark the next set………..


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