Attaching binding with the longarm

Have you ever wondered how to do this?  Well, here is the way that I sew mine on.  I cut my binding strips @ 2 1/2″ then fold in half and press.

First, make your binding and press the beginning of it diagonally. Then trim the excess away.

Picture 001

Working from the front of the machine. (I like to start down anywhere from 6 to 10″  inches from the upper right hand corner of the quilt.)  Lay the binding on the quilt, backstitch to secure the thread then take a few stitches, stop and open the beginning of the binding. Sew down a few inches, then stop and close the binding strip. I use the foot as a guide. When I start off, I sew a little closer to the edge, so that when I come back, those stitches will be covered and I don’t have to worry about not hitting the exact sewing line. (since I can’t see it when I come back. LOL!)

Picture 003

Picture 004

Make sure that as you sew, you are keeping the binding even with the edge of the quilt.  Stop with the needle down, and advance the quilt as needed.

Picture 005

Picture 006

When you get to the corner, stop the distance of the hopping foot (if that’s what you’re using as your guide) away from the bottom edge of the quilt. Sew off the quilt to your right.

Picture 007

Fold the binding as you would on your DSM.

Picture 008

Then start sewing across the bottom of the quilt.  Making sure that you keep the binding and the edge of the quilt even.

Picture 009

Repeat this process for each corner. The lower left corner and up the left side of the quilt is the trickiest. You are actually going to be going backwards, and sewing away from you.

Picture 010

Picture 011

I lay the binding on the edge of the quilt and hold it down with my fingers to keep it from moving. Stop with needle down and roll the quilt as needed.

Picture 012

Picture 015

Continue to the upper left corner, across the top to the upper right hand corner and you’re almost finished.

Picture 016

Take the binding strip, lay it down on the already sewn binding to see where you need to cut it, so that it will fit up into the already sewn down part of the binding.  I like to make it a pointy diagonal, it seems to fit up into the binding better.

Picture 017

Lift up the beginning of the binding. Remember the part that you didn’t sew down in the beginning? That’s where you stick the end of the binding strip. Then lay it back down. Make sure that both the beginning and end of the binding strips are nice and even, then sew down the remaining binding.

Picture 018

Here it is finished.

Picture 022

Now I take it off the machine, trim the edges and hand sew it down.  At that point I also use  a matching thread and  small stitches to  close the diagonal area where  the ends meet.

Picture 021

Ok, that’s it. Did it make sense? I hope I explained everything alright, if not, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.  If you have any questions please ask!

Also, please tell me if you try this and how you liked it.  It does save time and no wrestling with the quilt at the DSM. LOL!!

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Attaching binding with the longarm

  1. Monique Brown

    I can’t wait to try that on my next quilt at work. Might havew to practice on one of my own quilt tops though. Excellent thank you so much. Monique, NZ


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