Quilt Barn Block

In the latest issue of Quilters World magazine, there is an article about barns in Ohio that have big quilt blocks painted on them.   Anyway, today I had to run to St Louis, Missouri and coming back we pulled off of I-70 just west of Columbia, (potty break time)  and there on the side of a barn was this big quilt block! I got excited and grabbed my camera! I don’t know why I took it with me today, but I’m glad I did!

Picture 5874

Here it is as we went to get back on the interstate.

Picture 5877

I wish I had a big barn! I think these are awesome!!! Anyway, if you’re ever west of Columbia, MO on I-70 look for it on the south side of the road.


I did some sewing

I had my guild meeting on Thursday and we made little sewing bags. I didn’t want to mess with taking my machine to the meeting, so I just visited with everyone and brought the instructions home to make mine. It will hold a 6X8″ cutting mat and ruler as well as a few other things. Picture 5859

I still need to add some velcro to keep it closed and make a little name tag to go on the inside.

Picture 5861

After  making the bag, I made my block for this months Saturday sampler BOM. Although the first Sat. is next week, since it’s a holiday, the shop will be closed, so we have our July meeting today.  Anyway, I got my block finished for this morning.

Picture 5865

When making the pinwheel in the center area, the directions said to cut the pieces into triangles and then piece them together (which I don’t like to do) so I did it the quick way and left the square big and just sewed the lines then cut apart and had my triangle pieces sewn together, then added the other piece and it was done. Much easier way than cutting and sewing on the bias.

Well, I guess I better go get myself ready. Have a good day!


Meet Beau

My son came home last night with a surprise for me. A new little orange kitten!!

Picture 5854

He was hoping the kitten would be ready for my BD back in May, but Beau was only a week or so  old at that time.   He asked me several times if I was going to get another cat and I’d say yeah, one of these days. He’s already called home today from work to see how Beau is doing.

Picture 5855

Isn’t he cute???????

Well, I better go get something done today, other than playing with Beau!!!

Have a good day!!