Is it still August?

Here in Kansas, this time of year, the grass should be brown from the hot summer time temperatures. This year, the grass is still green, I guess because we’ve had cool weather all summer, with lots of rainfall. We’ve had over 5″ of rain just this week. I don’t think we’ve even hit 100 degrees this summer. We only had 4 days in the 90’s for the entire month of July. That’s not right!! I love hot summer days! I’m getting ripped off this year.

To make things even worse. Look at what I’m seeing out my kitchen window.

Picture 002

There is a tree that’s already turning red! It’s too early for that!! I hope that doesn’t mean we’re going to have an early winter! That’s a depressing thought. Can you tell I don’t like winter? LOL!!

Oh well, on to quilting. My sister made this little wall hanging from some strips that she received at our guilds poker night a while back.  I finally got it quilted for her.

Picture 001

I put the chubby leaves in the border and I thought I’d see how it looks with 2 vein lines instead of just one like I always put in there. I like the double vein look. I’ll have to do that more often.

Picture 003

I loaded a Laurel Birch panel quilt earlier today, so I guess I better get back to work on it. Have a nice day!


6 thoughts on “Is it still August?

  1. I’m with you — I hate winter! It just drags on forever, and I can’t be comfortable outside, so I spend less time with my animals than I’d like, poor things.
    The double veins are nice — good job!


  2. Lynn McCandless

    Well you cof ould be in central TX where we have had 60+ days of 100+ degree days and our rainfall is way down for the year. It is hard to quilt or even sew in hot weather. Your quilting is beautiful.


  3. alwaysquilts

    Wow Lynn, that’s a long stretch of hot weather! We don’t seem to hit 100 very many days, we might have a week or so of extremely hot weather. But normally we’re in the 90’s this time of year. It’s really been a strange cool summer. They said July was the 3rd coolest on record since they started keeping records back in the late 1800’s. I sure wish I could send you some of this rain, and cooler weather!


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