Discovery channel comes to Kansas

Last night was the second week that the Discovery channel has been at Lakeside Speedway (local dirt track in Kansas City)  taping for a reality show. It’s following 4 of the local drivers. My brother Tom and nephew Danny are 2 of the drivers. It’s really different having all these cameras around the track and guys running around following my SIL everywhere she goes at the track. I forget that she’s wired and that they can hear everything we say. It’s also interesting to watch how they do the filming.  The show is supposed to air sometime this fall and they’re calling it Friday Night Fued.  Tom blew his engine last night in the heat race, so he got out his backup car and had to run the B feature, unfortunately, something came loose and he had to pull off, so he didn’t qualify for the A feature.  So he came up and sat with us to watch the race instead of  being in the race.  Dan had totaled his car the week before so they spent the week building him another car. His rearend was too light so he was having to stay on the bottom of the track and it kept him from passing anyone. He finished 9th, so he still made the top 10. He’s running neck and neck with another driver for the point lead.  It looks like he’s 2 points behind Kerry now. Hopefully he’ll have better luck next week. Tom too!! Last week Tom  (after blowing an engine last week) he was able to come up through the B and finish 5th in the A feature. I was hoping for another good run last night, but no such luck.

I know this isn’t quilt related stuff, but I hope you enjoyed reading it.  If you are a Nascar fan, Lakeside is where Clint Bowyer ran before he signed on with Nascar. We never cheered for him when he was racing against Tom, but now we get excited when our Kansas boy wins!!

Ok………. I’ll go back to quilting………………


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