Broken star quilt

I finished quilting this last week for my friend Terri. I love the colors she used! She wanted me to quilt feathers on it and use a variegated thread, so I used a King Tut variegated on the star and border and a matching purple thread to quilt the feathers.

Picture 005

I think free handed feathers are my favorite thing to quilt! I can use them to fill any size space I need to.

Picture 009

That’s it for now. I hadn’t written anything lately, so I thought I’d quickly share a couple pictures. Now back to work!


I like having zippers

Last week I loaded a quilt on the machine and I wasn’t sure if I would have enough thread on the cone to complete the quilt, so I called and ordered more thread before I started quilting it. Sure enough……….I ran out………I got everything quilted except the outside border.

Picture 001

While waiting for the thread to arrive………….I took that quilt off and zipped this one on, and finished it this morning.

Picture 002

My thread is scheduled to be delivered today, so I zipped the other one back on and now I’m ready to get back to it, as soon as the thread arrives.

Picture 003

I guess that’s all for now! Come on UPS truck…………….


Is it still August?

Here in Kansas, this time of year, the grass should be brown from the hot summer time temperatures. This year, the grass is still green, I guess because we’ve had cool weather all summer, with lots of rainfall. We’ve had over 5″ of rain just this week. I don’t think we’ve even hit 100 degrees this summer. We only had 4 days in the 90’s for the entire month of July. That’s not right!! I love hot summer days! I’m getting ripped off this year.

To make things even worse. Look at what I’m seeing out my kitchen window.

Picture 002

There is a tree that’s already turning red! It’s too early for that!! I hope that doesn’t mean we’re going to have an early winter! That’s a depressing thought. Can you tell I don’t like winter? LOL!!

Oh well, on to quilting. My sister made this little wall hanging from some strips that she received at our guilds poker night a while back.  I finally got it quilted for her.

Picture 001

I put the chubby leaves in the border and I thought I’d see how it looks with 2 vein lines instead of just one like I always put in there. I like the double vein look. I’ll have to do that more often.

Picture 003

I loaded a Laurel Birch panel quilt earlier today, so I guess I better get back to work on it. Have a nice day!


Sewing 10 minutes a day

I’ve decided that in order for me to finish the quilt top that has been on my design wall since February, I’m going to have to make myself work on it for 10 minutes a day.  I have found that this usually works for me. Just 10 minutes. That’s it! I think I can find 10 minutes in my day to quickly sit down at my DSM and sew.  I sat down last night and sewed 4 sets of blocks into pairs.

Picture 008

I’ll then sew the pairs into squares. I have 8 out of 16 large squares sewn together.

Picture 010

I really need to finish this. I’m ready to look at something new on my design wall. LOL!!

I did the sewing on the blocks while taking a break from quilting.  You know sometimes, it feels good to sit down for a minute. LOL!! Anyway, this is a block from the quilt I was working on. I put  loops with flowers and leaves in the background behind the baskets.

Picture 004

My customer picked it up this morning. Now I need to get the next one loaded on.

Well, that’s it! Have a great day!


guild meeting and Lakeside Speedway

I so enjoyed getting to meet Judy Laquidara at my guild meeting last Thursady. I went by the class on Friday and saw all the blocks that the ladies were sewing together. I love seeing all the different fabrics that everyone chooses! I’m looking forward to seeing the blocks in finished quilts! I sure wish I could have taken the class!!!!!!!! I did get  to talk to Judy a little more on Friday.  She is so nice!! I love her quilts too. This was one of my favorites.Picture 035 Look at that border!! COOL!!

Ok, now on to Lakeside stuff. I wrote last week that the Discovery channel has been there, so last night I took my camera with me and took a few pics of the cameras. Here they are located on top of the building.Picture 009

Here the guys are in the stands talking with the families.

Picture 015

Here they were down in front filming  up into the stands. You can see the big microphone thing above the people they were filming.

Picture 010

This is my brother  Tom, coming out to start his heat race. Yellow car #81.

Picture 012

And here is my nephew Dan in the black #81J. They were both in the same heat race.

Picture 013

Tom came up and watched some of the races in the stands. Here he is with our cousin Mike. (Mike on left and Tom on right)

Picture 016

Danny started the night in second place, in the point standings. He came in 2 points behind Kerry #68. Here is how Kerry’s night ended………….

Picture 019

I was watching Tom come down the back straightaway and somehow, Bubba (the car on the bottom) and Kerry got tangled up. I looked just in time to see Kerry’s car land on top of Bubba. There was a third car involved somehow, but he wasn’t in with these 2. Both drivers were ok, but I’m sure Kerry was ONE MAD DUDE!! Taking a championship is serious stuff for these guys. Kerry ended up finishing 23 out of 24 and Dan finished 10th (which wasn’t great but it was enough to put him solely in first place). He’s ahead now by 10 points with about 4 more weeks to go.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great day!


I’ve been busy…..

This last week has been a busy one. I quilted the next Patchwork Party quilt for my LQS and took it in to the shop on Monday. I think the fall party starts on Sept 1st.  Anyway, my part is done. Yeah!!

I also quilted a baby quilt this week. It’s made using the leftover blocks from another quilt. She just wanted a simple meander on it, with a few flowers  here and there.Picture 026 Picture 027

I quilted this one by doing a continuous curve in the 9 patch blocks and putting a flower in the printed squares. I then put leaves in the sashings and borders.Picture 028

Now for the fun part of my day. Tonight was my guild meeting and we had a speaker,  Judy Laquidara!  I read her blog all the time she showed us lots of beautiful quilts and how easy her patterns are.   Some of them look complicated, but once she shows what is the block and what is the sashing,  it’s easy!  I heard a lot of positive remarks after the meeting!!  I think everyone really enjoyed having her come to our quild meeting. Of course I was thrilled getting to meet her!! She’s doing a workshop tomorrow, but I have to work, I don’t think my boss would appreciate me taking off work the second day of school!! I do hope to stop in and check things out between routes though!

That’s it for now…….


School time!

Well, it’s back to work for me. I got all my riders picked up and delivered to school on time this morning. My grade school kids were (most of them) ready to start the new school year.  One boys Dad was doing a “Happy Dance” when his son left on the bus!!   I laughed and asked him if he was that bad over the summer??? (He’s one of the most well mannered boys I have) Anyway, his Dad is really nice and we got a chuckle out of his antics in the front yard! His older brother starts tomorrow, high school starts a day later than the elementary, anyway,  I can only imagine the kind of celebrating he’ll do when the teenager heads out the door and to the bus!!


Discovery channel comes to Kansas

Last night was the second week that the Discovery channel has been at Lakeside Speedway (local dirt track in Kansas City)  taping for a reality show. It’s following 4 of the local drivers. My brother Tom and nephew Danny are 2 of the drivers. It’s really different having all these cameras around the track and guys running around following my SIL everywhere she goes at the track. I forget that she’s wired and that they can hear everything we say. It’s also interesting to watch how they do the filming.  The show is supposed to air sometime this fall and they’re calling it Friday Night Fued.  Tom blew his engine last night in the heat race, so he got out his backup car and had to run the B feature, unfortunately, something came loose and he had to pull off, so he didn’t qualify for the A feature.  So he came up and sat with us to watch the race instead of  being in the race.  Dan had totaled his car the week before so they spent the week building him another car. His rearend was too light so he was having to stay on the bottom of the track and it kept him from passing anyone. He finished 9th, so he still made the top 10. He’s running neck and neck with another driver for the point lead.  It looks like he’s 2 points behind Kerry now. Hopefully he’ll have better luck next week. Tom too!! Last week Tom  (after blowing an engine last week) he was able to come up through the B and finish 5th in the A feature. I was hoping for another good run last night, but no such luck.

I know this isn’t quilt related stuff, but I hope you enjoyed reading it.  If you are a Nascar fan, Lakeside is where Clint Bowyer ran before he signed on with Nascar. We never cheered for him when he was racing against Tom, but now we get excited when our Kansas boy wins!!

Ok………. I’ll go back to quilting………………