What are you?

Are you a starter or a finisher? Are you one of these people that love to start new projects and never finish them? Or are you one of the ones that always finish what you start?

Unfortunately, I am a starter! I start new projects  because I get an idea that I just can’t shake from my head, so I start pulling fabrics or designing a pattern, or whatever it is that pertains to that nagging idea that’s in my head!! I can’t concentrate on what I need to do because of the urge to start that new project! They need to have some kind of therapy for those of us that can’t fight the urge to start that new project while looking at all the other unfinished projects sitting there!! LOL!!!!

If you are a finisher, my hat goes off to you!!! How do you do it?

In case you’re wondering………Yes, I’m trying to tell myself not to go down and start on something new! LOL!!!!!!! (but I think it would look so awsome! and it’s handwork, so it would take me a few years to get it done, so I need to start on it now…………….help!!!)