Design wall 1/12/16

There’s nothing “on the wall” today, but I have been working on things. Maybe playing would be a better word to use 😀. I’ve been playing with the Accucutter. I sewed strips together and then laid them on the cutter and in minutes had them all cut into 2″ pieces.


All 200 of them. 👍

That was fun! Gee…..sounds like I need to get a life!!! Haha!! Anyway, that’s about all I can share at this point. The quilt is a mystery…….

I had a mysterious thing happen the other night. I was sewing the binding onto my Kansas row by row quilt and as I came to the end, I needed to backstich, so I reached up and hit the backstich button and all of a sudden my sewing machine took off like a bat out of h***!!!  Sewing right off the quilt and still going strong!!! I was like WHOA!!!!!

See where it ran off? It took a few seconds for me to react, so I just touched the same button that I had touched previously. Or so I thought………. It ended up that the button located just ABOVE the backstich button, makes the machine sew without using the foot petal. Hmm……never knew that………now I do! 😳. Apparently when I hit the backstich button I accidentally hit the auto button and having the machine set at the highest speed, well, there it went!! Full speed ahead!!!

Oh well, now I know what that button with the two round circles is for. It’s there to scare the **** out of you!

Happy sewing!

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