Decisions, decisions…..

Sometimes it is so hard to decide what fabrics to use for a quilt. Our mystery “Lock in” is coming up in March and I need to get my quilt made. We’ve designed a pattern for it, but now we have to get ours made and write the instructions. I’ve been debating between using a black background fabric……


Or using a white background fabric…..

And if that’s not hard enough to decide on………now I’m kind of thinking that I might throw this green into the mix!

  I really like that green with that batik!!

Oh!!!! I just can’t decide!! Guess I won’t start cutting anything yet.

Since I can’t decide on the mystery quilt, I thought I’d work on my Kansas row by row today. I sewed the side borders on and added an outside border all the way around so it’s ready to be quilted.

I have to find something to use for a backing. I’ll probably have to make a pieced backing for it. Maybe I can use up some stash!! 

That’s it for now.


Design wall 12/14/15 Ks row by row/Wizard of Oz blocks

Ok, back to the KS rbr. I decided not to put any sashings between the rows, just sew them together, that way I could add the extra Dorothy row onto the bottom. I had to add some fabric between the blocks in order to get the width I needed, so I put some ruby slipper fabric in there.  

Now the plan is to use more of that leftover Wizard of Oz fabric, so I am making some blocks to add to the sides of the quilt. I fussy cut pictures from the fabric that I had already fussy cut a few squares from years ago. 

I could still get a few more squares out of it, but I think the rest of this can go into the scrap box.

I framed each square with a diagonal print that was in the WoZ line and now I’m making them into a square  in a square block.
That block just happens to be the one that I ran out of fabric on. I had to piece a little strip in order to have enough. (I know I’m trying to use up my stash, but I’d rather not cut things THAT close!! LOL!!😜)

Anyway, once I get all the blocks made, I’ll add them onto the sides, then…

 Add a border and call it done! I should have it ready for my guild meeting in January. Yea!

So that’s what I have going on today. To see what others have on their walls check out


Design wall 12/7/15 string quilt top finished

The top is finally done! Yea!! I just put a thin grey border and then a small black outer border to finish off the top. I do like it much better, now that it’s done and I can see the whole thing laid out.

Now I have to get back to my Kansas row by row quilt………we’re supposed to bring them to our January guild meeting……….I still fon’t have a clue as to what to do with the rows.? Oh well,  it’s back on the design wall and maybe something will come to me this time.

That’s it for me this week. To see more walls check out