Design wall Monday 4/18

Gee, here it is Monday again…… design wall looks the same as last week.  I knew I wasn’t going to have much time for piecing the last week. This week doesn’t look very promising either. I need to spend the majority of my week at the longarm. I did sew just a bit last night while watching TV. I’m working on the outside pieced border. This is how the blocks will look.

I have all the blue ones sewn together. They still need to be trimmed up to the correct size.

The pink ones are half way done. One more black piece on the other end, trim them up and then I’ll be ready to piece the border.

 I am making progress, it’s just slow…….. If it wasn’t for updating the blog here, I probably wouldn’t have gotten any of it done this week. I plan to stick with this top until it’s completed. Wish me luck! Now back to the longarm……..

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