Design wall 2/29/16 -strings

I have my sisters quilt hanging on my wall today. I finished quilting it and hung it to take a picture of it and since I won’t see her until Sat. I decided to leave it there. It’s one of our past Lock in quilts, Stormy Weather.(pattern available in our Etsy and Craftsy shops)

I’ve been busy getting things ready for this years Lock in which is coming up this Sat. I have my quilt made and I quilted it over the weekend. I attached the binding before taking it off the longarm, so I just need to fold it over and get it sewn down, which I’m doing by machine in order to get it done. I need to run up to the UPS store and get all the instructions printed off today so I’m not sure if I’ll get the binding finished today, but it will be done before Sat.😀

I’m still on a mission to use my stash and that includes scraps. So whenever  I get a few minutes, I’ve been pressing and cutting strips for string quilts. I have several string blocks made but the pile of strings keeps growing!!😳

Guess I better keep sewing…..

Not now though. I’m off to the printer then back to binding.

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Guest blogger

I am the guest blogger today on the Stitch This blog. If you want to read it you’ll find it here

Jelly Roll race quilt – with a spin (+ giveaway!)

They are giving away an e-book on there so maybe you’ll be the lucky winner, if you read the blog and leave a comment! Good luck!

I’m off to get some quilting done today. Happy reading!!



Yvonne’s quilt

Sometimes it’s hard to decide just how to custom quilt a quilt. Since feathers are my favorite thing to do, I always look for places to put feathers first. I don’t always know what I will put in other areas or exactly  what kind of feather design I’ll use when I get started but as I start quilting and filling in the blocks, everything starts coming together. That’s how it was with Yvonne’s quilt.

The quilt is a medallion style, so  I knew I wanted feathers in the corners and around the center square. I love filling in the areas with freehand feathers.

The blocks got a continuous curve design and the rest of the spaces got filled in as I went.  The quilt is big so I couldn’t get a full shot of the whole thing.

I love it when everything falls into place. The quilt is currently on it’s way to Yvonne, so I hope she likes it.


Kelly’s Midnight Magic quilt

They say the older you get the faster time flies. I think that’s true! I can’t believe that this years lock in is only  2 weeks away.  It’s also hard to believe that this will make Sharon and I’s 15th year of hosting it!! 😀 

Kelly joined us last year for the first time. She won’t be able to attend this year but is hoping next year will work out for her to come again. She told me she finished her mystery quilt and since she can’t show it at show and tell this year, she sent a picture so we could see it. She came in as a new quilter last year as this was only the 2nd quilt she’s ever made. Looks great!!!


Midnight Magic pattern
It’s always fun to see how everyone’s choice of fabrics come together. Kelly used a cute whale print for her focus fabric.  Love it!!  Thanks for letting me share your quilt Kelly!

I can hardly wait to see more of last years quilts at show and tell! 



Design wall 2/15/16 top finished, another one quilted

I didn’t get a whole lot done this week as far as my stuff goes. I did manage to find time to get the rest of the borders sewn onto the Novelty Fun quilt I had on my wall last week.

I do like the green border in there. Now to find a backing and get it quilted………

Speaking of quilting, I was caught up on customer pantograph quilts, so I put my butterfly Cinema quilt top on the machine and got it quilted.

 I chose a butterfly pantograph pattern to go along with the fabric. The binding is attached, just need to sew it down and I can call it done! 👍

Guess that’s it for my wall this week. Check out more design walls at


Design wall 2/8/16 Novelty Fun pattern

I didn’t make any progress with the blue and white rows last week. Guess it’s not crunch time yet! LOL!!

I picked up some cute cat fabric a while back, and I gave a friend a piece of orange fabric. Well, she found the perfect orange that she wanted so she returned the orange that I’d given her. That orange matched the orange cats in the cat print so I decided that I could use our Novelty Fun pattern and make a quick quilt while watching the Super Bowl. The pattern calls for one outside border and I got the 2 side ones put on before going to bed.

I’m thinking that I will add some green to pull out the green in the cat print. So I’ll be making a couple more borders.

The black is rather stark at this point, but once it’s quilted, the thread color in the quilting  will tame the black and it should look better. I hope anyway!! 😳

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Design wall 2/1/16 finishes 

Well, my design wall looks the same as last week. I’ve been looking at those blue and white rows and that’s it. Still undecided on what to do with them………

I figure since I can’t decide on the rows, I’ll get other things accomplished, so I quilted both my snowflake quilt and my deer quilt last week. Yea!! I can now mark them off my UFO list.😀

I also have my cougar quilt cut out and I’m ready to start sewing on it. I had to finish my mystery lock in quilt first, which I did, but can’t share it as it’s a secret.😎

I guess I had a pretty productive week last week. Hope I can get that much done this week! We’ll see………..

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