Snail’s Trail borders?

Well, I played around with a few different border ideas for the snails trail quilt. I have 6 different ones here. Which one should I go with?


border 1




This border would not be pink, I’m just showing the design. I’m not sure what color I would go with, if I choose this one.

border 2


Same with this one, I don’t think I would use turquoise. But you can see the design.





border 6

Well? What do you think? Do any of these add pizazz?


13 thoughts on “Snail’s Trail borders?

  1. I think I like all of them! Well..I’m not as excited about the black and white one..but I think the Delectable Mts one (last) is my favorite! You are making me anxious to start the Judy Martin quilt I have been aching to start forEVER : Virginia Stars Sampler. There are 25 Snail Trail blocks in that quilt! That does not count the alternate blocks or border blocks. I think I hear a UFO calling my name first! lolol


  2. myheritagefabrics

    Either #1 or #6. I like the simplicity of #1 and the pizzaz of #6. It might be the border itself I am in love with on #6, rather than the way it looks on this particular quilt. There is so much movement in the quilt I am not sure more in the border really helps.


  3. alwaysquilts

    Thank you everyone! I liked getting different opinions. It looks like #1, #2 and #6 seem to be the favorites. I was debating between the simplicity of #1 and the pizazz of #6, but then I also liked the look of #2! I think I’ll play around with making some of the delectable mountain blocks and see how it looks. If I don’t care for it once I get started, I will go with the simplicity of #1. Thanks again!


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