Decisions, decisions…..

Sometimes it is so hard to decide what fabrics to use for a quilt. Our mystery “Lock in” is coming up in March and I need to get my quilt made. We’ve designed a pattern for it, but now we have to get ours made and write the instructions. I’ve been debating between using a black background fabric……


Or using a white background fabric…..

And if that’s not hard enough to decide on………now I’m kind of thinking that I might throw this green into the mix!

  I really like that green with that batik!!

Oh!!!! I just can’t decide!! Guess I won’t start cutting anything yet.

Since I can’t decide on the mystery quilt, I thought I’d work on my Kansas row by row today. I sewed the side borders on and added an outside border all the way around so it’s ready to be quilted.

I have to find something to use for a backing. I’ll probably have to make a pieced backing for it. Maybe I can use up some stash!! 

That’s it for now.


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…..

  1. I like the black fabric, not that you asked my opinion, LOL. It just seems to pop the batik fabrics.

    From the pictures the green seems too bright…..but pictures are never as good as “real life” so it may not be as out of place as it looks to me.

    I am looking forward to seeing what your end result is after the “lock in”.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Elana Goldberg

    Sadly, I agree with Sherry that the green is too bright. It isn’t the right shade to compliment your other fabrics. However, you’re the artist and it depends on what your eye sees. I think an off white or pale yellow would be better than adding the green.


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