Snail’s Trail borders?

Well, I played around with a few different border ideas for the snails trail quilt. I have 6 different ones here. Which one should I go with?


border 1




This border would not be pink, I’m just showing the design. I’m not sure what color I would go with, if I choose this one.

border 2


Same with this one, I don’t think I would use turquoise. But you can see the design.





border 6

Well? What do you think? Do any of these add pizazz?


A great weekend

After the shipping of the quilt and dealing with an ungrateful lady  this past week, (no matter what I did, she wasn’t happy) anyway, I was needing a good weekend and that’s what I got!! Saturday, I had lunch with my friend Pam and we went up to our guilds quilt show and to the LQS. I had a surprise for Pam and I was dyeing to give it to her. I hate waiting for things. LOL!!! Anyway, there is a new book out (I think it’s new anyway) that is based on the designs of the floors in Venice, which is where Pam and I were at this time last year. When I saw the book, I had to get one for myself and one for Pam. I was hoping she didn’t have it yet, and luckily for me she hadn’t seen it. It has actual pictures of the floors, and the lady wrote patterns so that you can make quilts from the floor designs.  We are so excited about the book, now we have to start collecting fabrics, so we can make some of the quilts. One of the designs was our favorite one that we had seen on the floor, but couldn’t figure out the pattern. Now we can make it!!! (Not that I need another project, but….you know how that is, right? LOL!!)

Picture 001

If you’ve ever been to Venice or probably any part of Italy, check out this book. You’ll love it, if you liked the mosaic floors.

Ok, so that was Saturday. Sunday my DH and I went down to the little town where he grew up for their yearly picnic. His sister came up from Oklahoma, so we got to visit with her. I was glad because I only know a few people. Anyway, it’s about 2 hours south of here, so I had time to do some handwork in the car. I worked on my state flowers and birds block.  The part you can see, is what I accomplished on the road yesterday.

Picture 004

Those little french knots take forever. LOL! Anyway, I’m getting close to finishing block 1 of 50. LOL!!!!!!!

My 10 minutes a day of sewing is working out too. When we got home last night, I went down and did my sewing for the day. I now have the 2 halves of the quilt completed, and all I have left is to sew the 2 sections together.  Then I have to decide what to do with the border. I want some pizazz in the border. Anyway, I’m just happy that after my sewing today, the top will be together. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Picture 002

I guess that’s it for today, I better get down and get to work, or the day will get away from me and I won’t get as much done as I hope to.

Have a great day!!


Oh, I almost forgot, my great weekend started Friday night, when my nephew won at the races!! Of course, I didn’t carry my camera along that night. It figures!!! Danny is still the points leader with one more week of racing left. I hope he can hold on and be the track champion!!!

Explanation on shipping

I went by the place that shipped my quilt last week and asked why the original box was cut down and placed inside another box. The guy told me that because of the amount that I insured it for, they are required to double box it, with packaging in between the boxes. That explains the peanuts! Anyway, I told the guy what I went through and he felt so bad! I told him about my name needing to be on the outside of the box and why. He said he saw my name and figured it would be ok since it was on the box on the inside. He was really sorry for the confusion he caused.

I’m just glad that everything turned out fine!


Talk about heart stopping………..

Those of you that have shipped a quilt somewhere, do you worry about it while it’s in route? You know, that worry that something might happen to it before it arrives at it’s destination? Or that it doesn’t arrive at it’s destination? Well, let me share my heart stopping experience with you……………………….

My friend Doris and I entered her quilt into the Innovations quilt show. It was time to send the quilt, so I went over to Doris’ house and we folded the quilt, placed it inside white plastic bags with the paperwork showing, so that when they open the box they will see which quilt it is. The box itself was a little bigger than the quilt, so we stuffed old plastic bags in the bottom of the box to fill up the empty space. It was ready to ship. Sp off to the store I go to send the quilt.

I get t0 the store to ship the quilt. I have to tell them how much I’m insuring the box for and it’s a rather large amount. Way large actually! I showed them the appraisel on it, and they made a copy for their records. While the guy is filling out his paperwork, I took a sharpie and wrote my name on the side of the box, (as requested by Innovations) Remember what I just said, I took a sharpie and wrote my name on the side of the box. Ok, I got all the paperwork done, paid the man, and went home.

Later that day, I received an e-mail with the tracking numbers and I started tracking the box. Everything was looking good!!!

Meanwhile, here’s how the e-mails went with the nice lady from Innovations.

Me:I’m letting you know that I have shipped my quilt, Flora Elena by Fed ex, so it’s on it’s way. I’ll look forward to hearing from you when it arrives.

a few days later

Her:Where do you live?

Me: I live in Kansas. According to Fed ex, the quilt has arrived. Is this correct?

( I checked the tracking # and saw that it had arrived before sending that e-mail.)

Her: I don’t open the boxes so that is why we ask that your name is put on the out side of the box. (at this point, I wasn’t nervous yet, I thought maybe she just didn’t see my name)
If your quilt was shipped from Lansing, KS then that is your quilt.
Please let me know.
Me: That should be it. My name should be on the side of the box.

Her: Just so you know your name was not on the box any place.

What?????????? I had all kinds of thoughts running through my mind!! I started thinking that Oh my gosh, somebody stole the quilt and sent a box in it’s place, and the quilt is nowhere to be found!!!! Because, I know I wrote my name on the box. That’s NOT my box! But Fed ex said my box was delivered!Oh my……what am I going to tell Doris?????????????

What I have to go by is
Shipping Manager
***N. Main St’ Lansing, KS
It makes a lot of add work for me so next year please make sure your name is written on the box with a marker.
Thanks for sharing your quilt with everyone at Innovations. I can’t wait to see it.

Me: But I did use a sharpie and write it on the side of the box. I did that while I was waiting on the guy to fill out the papers. Now I’m worried……

After I sent the last e-mail, I was convinced that, that wasn’t my box! I couldn’t wait for her to respond to my last e-mail. I found a phone number and called to talk to the lady. Like she said, my name was not on the box…… this point and time, I am shaking, my stomach is tied up in knots, I then ask her to please open the box………..she did…………….she says “Oh, can you hold on I need to lay down the phone, there’s lots of styrafoam peanuts in the box.” I was silent……… words came out of my mouth……….but I’m thinking…….OH NO!!!!! WE DIDN”T PUT ANY PEANUTS IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be nothing but a box full of peanuts!!!!!!!!!!! NO QUILT!!!!!!!

She soon picks up the phone and says, “well, there’s a box inside a box” surrounded by peanuts. Oh, there’s your name on this box. They’ve cut the box down, because your name is folded.” I’m thinking WHAT??????????

She goes on to open the next box and confirms that the quilt is in there……..WHEW!!!!! WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, at this time, I’m still shaking and my nerves were shot! It took a while to calm down and now I want to know, why did the store reopen the box and cut the box down? I’m going to go there next week and find out why! They have no idea what they did to my nerves!!!

Next time we send the quilt somewhere, Doris is coming along too!!! I can’t take the pressure!!!!!!