I’ve been busy…..

This last week has been a busy one. I quilted the next Patchwork Party quilt for my LQS and took it in to the shop on Monday. I think the fall party starts on Sept 1st.  Anyway, my part is done. Yeah!!

I also quilted a baby quilt this week. It’s made using the leftover blocks from another quilt. She just wanted a simple meander on it, with a few flowers  here and there.Picture 026 Picture 027

I quilted this one by doing a continuous curve in the 9 patch blocks and putting a flower in the printed squares. I then put leaves in the sashings and borders.Picture 028

Now for the fun part of my day. Tonight was my guild meeting and we had a speaker,  Judy Laquidara!  I read her blog all the time http://www.patchworktimes.com she showed us lots of beautiful quilts and how easy her patterns are.   Some of them look complicated, but once she shows what is the block and what is the sashing,  it’s easy!  I heard a lot of positive remarks after the meeting!!  I think everyone really enjoyed having her come to our quild meeting. Of course I was thrilled getting to meet her!! She’s doing a workshop tomorrow, but I have to work, I don’t think my boss would appreciate me taking off work the second day of school!! I do hope to stop in and check things out between routes though!

That’s it for now…….


School time!

Well, it’s back to work for me. I got all my riders picked up and delivered to school on time this morning. My grade school kids were (most of them) ready to start the new school year.  One boys Dad was doing a “Happy Dance” when his son left on the bus!!   I laughed and asked him if he was that bad over the summer??? (He’s one of the most well mannered boys I have) Anyway, his Dad is really nice and we got a chuckle out of his antics in the front yard! His older brother starts tomorrow, high school starts a day later than the elementary, anyway,  I can only imagine the kind of celebrating he’ll do when the teenager heads out the door and to the bus!!