guild meeting and Lakeside Speedway

I so enjoyed getting to meet Judy Laquidara at my guild meeting last Thursady. I went by the class on Friday and saw all the blocks that the ladies were sewing together. I love seeing all the different fabrics that everyone chooses! I’m looking forward to seeing the blocks in finished quilts! I sure wish I could have taken the class!!!!!!!! I did get  to talk to Judy a little more on Friday.  She is so nice!! I love her quilts too. This was one of my favorites.Picture 035 Look at that border!! COOL!!

Ok, now on to Lakeside stuff. I wrote last week that the Discovery channel has been there, so last night I took my camera with me and took a few pics of the cameras. Here they are located on top of the building.Picture 009

Here the guys are in the stands talking with the families.

Picture 015

Here they were down in front filming  up into the stands. You can see the big microphone thing above the people they were filming.

Picture 010

This is my brother  Tom, coming out to start his heat race. Yellow car #81.

Picture 012

And here is my nephew Dan in the black #81J. They were both in the same heat race.

Picture 013

Tom came up and watched some of the races in the stands. Here he is with our cousin Mike. (Mike on left and Tom on right)

Picture 016

Danny started the night in second place, in the point standings. He came in 2 points behind Kerry #68. Here is how Kerry’s night ended………….

Picture 019

I was watching Tom come down the back straightaway and somehow, Bubba (the car on the bottom) and Kerry got tangled up. I looked just in time to see Kerry’s car land on top of Bubba. There was a third car involved somehow, but he wasn’t in with these 2. Both drivers were ok, but I’m sure Kerry was ONE MAD DUDE!! Taking a championship is serious stuff for these guys. Kerry ended up finishing 23 out of 24 and Dan finished 10th (which wasn’t great but it was enough to put him solely in first place). He’s ahead now by 10 points with about 4 more weeks to go.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great day!


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