quilt is finished!

DD’s quilt is finished!! She goes home tomorrow, so we got it done on time. I quilted it yesterday and stayed up last night and sewed the binding on.  She is so proud of her quilt. This is her second quilt. Last year when she was home for Christmas she made her first quilt.  I guess we’re getting a tradition going here!!


Now we’re off to the theater  to see “Marley and Me”.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


DD’s scrap quilt

Yeah! DD finished piecing her quilt top today. We decided to keep it a lap size so that saved her from putting borders on it.  Now it will be up to me to get it quilted. I’m hoping tomorrow I can get it on the machine. The pattern is called basket weave from Bonnie Hunters website  quiltville.com.picture-4963

Lazy Girl designs has a free pattern on thier site for a cute little bag, so I made one. It’s called Noriko Handbag. I used some smiley face fabric and didn’t put the tassle thing on the bottom of the bag like the pattern said to, but I think it’s cute just the way it is. Wouldn’t a little girl just love this?picture-4964 picture-4965

I’ve been cutting strips for a scrap quilt that I’m going to make. I started sewing them together yesterday. My hope is to use up a lot of my scraps of fabric. My guild donates quilts to different organizations every year, so I’m hoping to have several ready next year.

Oh well, I guess that’s it for now. Have a nice day!


UFO, scrap quilt and I spy

I finally have pictures on here. I still don’t know what the problem was but I have pics so that’s all that matters. Here is the rag quilt, finished at last!!


I like the fringe on both sides.


This is the scrap quilt that DD is working on. She did this much on Sunday night.


Monday she got all the small 6″ blocks done. Now it’s time to sew those into the 12″ blocks.


Yesterday, we went shopping. Then we started doing some baking, so no sewing was done yesterday.  Maybe we can get some done today.

Since today is Christmas eve, I thought I’d share a quilt I made several years ago. It’s an I spy quilt made from Christmas fabrics.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!


UFO finished, scrap quilt started

I finished the rag quilt that I was working on. I got all the edges clipped, washed and dryed it, so it’s officially finished!! I love the warmth from rag quilts.

My DD is home for a week, so she’s helping me use some of my scraps. Yeah! My goal for next year is to use as much fabric as possible to get it cleared out of here! She’s making a scrap quilt from Bonnie Hunters site. I can’t get any pictures to upload today for some reason so I can’t show how much progress she’s made today. We planned on baking cookies today, but she’s having too much fun sewing.

Sometime, I hope to show some pictures. I guess there must be a problem with WordPress, becuase I couldn’t get any pictures to upload on either computer. That is so frustrating. Oh well, have a good day!


snow day!! yippee!!

Ok, so I don’t like snow. In fact, I hate snow!  But when it snows and they call school off, then I’m all for it!!  It gives me more time to spend downstairs working……where it’s WARM! Yesterday, when I got home, the windows on my bus, had ice on the inside!! No wonder I was cold. It took all evening to warm up.

On to better things. I’ve finished quilting a hungary catapiller quilt today and have the second one loaded. Hopefully I can finish it today. I also finished sewing rows together on a flannel rag quilt that I started making a couple of years ago.  As soon as I get it clipped and washed, I can mark it off my UFO list!!!!! picture-4902

The rag quilts that I’ve made before, one side just has seams on it but this time I decided to overlap the squares, so I’ll get the ragged look on both sides.  Hopefully after it’s clipped and washed it will look good.  The bad thing is that I’ll have to clip all the seams on both sides! UGH! picture-4903

I bought a pair of  scissors a while back for this quilt. They work great so far. I like the way they open back up on their own.  picture-4904 I have a lot of clipping to do!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Have a great day.


New apron

picture-4901I won this apron last night at my guild meeting. Yeah! I needed something to help lift my spirits after the last couple of days.

It’s made from a  dishtowel.  We played a game where we all started out with a clothespin attached to our shirt and we couldn’t say the word “Quilt”.  If we did then the first person to call you on it would get to take your clothespin and the one at the end of the night with the most clothespins won. My sister was sitting beside me during the meeting and she said “quilt” so I reached over and took her clothespin, she’s like…..”what are you doing?” Then my friend across the table says “You said “quilt”.  Ah ha! I got hers too! Wow, I then had 3 clothespins, I was having fun at this!!  I was the second one to show a quilt top for show and tell and I was determined that I would NOT say the word quilt while I was up there. Guess what? I said QUILT!  Well, I was then on a mission! By the time show and tell was over I had collected 11 clothespins and won the game.  You know how hard it is not to say the word “quilt”  at a quilt meeting during show and tell when you’re showing and telling about your quilt? Nearly IMPOSSIBLE!! LOL!!!!

Have a great day.


Sad Day

Our cat,  Bob,  got ran over today.  I am so sad. He gave us 6 months of love and entertainment. We laughed many, many times over his antics!! He was always doing something funny.

One day my DH was in the hot tub and Bob ran across the room, thinking the lid cover was on the hot tub (he would lay up there and sleep) anyway, the cover wasn’t there and Bob hit the water. You can only imagine what he looked like in mid air trying to stop his forward progress into the water. He went in and out in a flash!!!! DH gave him a 10 for his Olympic dive!!

One of his favorite things was to aggrevate the dog. He would stand on his back legs and box the dog in the face. He would attack from behind when the dog was sleeping. He’d lay in the middle of the dogs bed and the dog would  have to sleep  halfway on the floor.  They were best friends!! Wherever the dog went, Bob was right beside her.

This is hard to write. Bob was unique. I will miss him terribly.


I think I’m organized! Kind of!!

Whew!! I am tired. I spent most of my Thanksgiving weekend cleaning and organizing the basement.  We’ve been planning on doing this for a while, and it finally happened!! YEAH!!!

For the last 9 1/2 years, I’ve been using the pool table as a cutting table. Needless to say it was rather difficult to play pool with very little room around the table.  It was located in my work room, near the end of my longarm machine. Well, it’s finally in the other side of the basement. We took it apart and moved it last week. Now we can play pool and have room to shoot!!!picture-4897

That’s Madison on the table. She thinks she’s the pool table queen!!

My sewing machine, cutting tables, fabrics and some shelves used to be in this area, now they are all over in the one side of the basement. No more walking back and forth, from room to room. picture-4892

My design wall got moved from one side of the room to the other. It was on the far wall, now it’s on the wall behind me.  I put shelves all across the wall at one end so that I could have lots of storage room. I didn’t realize just how much fabric I actually have. It’s stored away now in tubs and drawers and a little more organized! I didn’t think I had that much!! My new years resolution is going to be to use it up!!!!picture-4896 picture-4893

The quilt on the design wall was made from scraps. I added prairie points around the outside. Now to find time to quilt it.

I still have more work to do.

picture-4895 picture-4894

Anyway, that’s what I did over the weekend. Now I hope I can find what I need when I need it!!! LOL!!!!!!!

I guess I better finish loading the quilt on the machine and try to get some quilting done.

Have a great day!!