Sad Day

Our cat,  Bob,  got ran over today.  I am so sad. He gave us 6 months of love and entertainment. We laughed many, many times over his antics!! He was always doing something funny.

One day my DH was in the hot tub and Bob ran across the room, thinking the lid cover was on the hot tub (he would lay up there and sleep) anyway, the cover wasn’t there and Bob hit the water. You can only imagine what he looked like in mid air trying to stop his forward progress into the water. He went in and out in a flash!!!! DH gave him a 10 for his Olympic dive!!

One of his favorite things was to aggrevate the dog. He would stand on his back legs and box the dog in the face. He would attack from behind when the dog was sleeping. He’d lay in the middle of the dogs bed and the dog would  have to sleep  halfway on the floor.  They were best friends!! Wherever the dog went, Bob was right beside her.

This is hard to write. Bob was unique. I will miss him terribly.


6 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. Penny

    Oh, I am so sorry. He sounds like quite a character. You must miss him, so much. Time takes the edge off the grief but the problem with that is that in the beginning, time hasn’t had time to do its magic. I am just so sorry.



  2. alwaysquilts

    Thank you all. It is hard. I keep finding myself looking for him and thinking he should be here. I know time heals all wounds, but it takes awhile to get past the loss. Bob was special. His personality was unique. Thanks again.


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