WIP Wednesday 1-28-09

Well, this last week I quilted 4 customer quilts. One was an all over feather design and the other 3 were custom quilted.  I need to get one boxed up and sent off to Italy, but it’s just too cold to think about getting out and going to the Post Office. I think it was around zero degrees this morning. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! That’s cold!

Anyway, here’s more blocks from the Snails trail that I’m working on. I peiced 24 more blocks and I have 24 more to go.  I’m putting them on the design wall as they will go into the quilt, so some places are still empty. Maybe by having the empty spots, it will keep me on track to continue working on these. (I really don’t like to piece, so I’m reaching the point of saying “ok…… that’s enough for now”  then it will go into a box, and years from now, I’ll find it and  wonder why I didn’t finish that?)  Oh well…..picture-4996

That’s it for now. Have a great day!


quilting and the economy

I can’t help but wonder with the economy heading the way it is, just what can us machine quilters should  look forward to? How is it going to effect our business? I know that some quilt full time and  depend upon their quilting to pay bills, whereas others have a full time job and quilt on the side.

They were talking on the news this morning about all the jobs that are being lost today. I think they said like 57,000 more people were being laid off today from some of the large companies.  If people don’t have jobs are they still going to be having quilts machine quilted?

I beleive people will still continue to make quilts, but will they quilt them? How many old unquilted tops are there in this world? I know I have about 40 unquilted tops.  I keep making more tops, but when will they get quilted? When I need one?

I would love to hear comments  on how you feel about the economy and the quilting world.



WIP Wednesday 1/21/09

Here’s  what I’ve got going on this week.

I finished sewing the scrappy bargello quilt top. I still need to put some borders on it, I just can’t quite decide what I’m going to use yet.  The top went together fast using Bonnie Hunters directions from quiltville.compicture-4993

I’ve been working on the snails trail blocks a little too, over this last week. I have this much done so far.picture-49941

I’m making 8 blocks of each of the colors, so I’ll need 64 blocks total and I have 16 blocks completed. Only 48 more to go!

I played around with the blocks on the design wall and look at this, doesn’t that pattern look neat? I think it does. Hmmmmm, do I see another quilt made from snails trail blocks????????????picture-4995

I guess I better get back to work. There’s never enough hours in the day, to accomplish everything I want and need to get done. I’m sure you know how that is. Oh well, enjoy your day!


snails trail blocks

I cut fabric for the snails trail blocks over the weekend. This is the fabric that I dyed a while back. I couldn’t wait any longer to cut into it. I dyed  more colors than I needed, so these are the ones I decided to use in the quilt. picture-4988

I had to sew a few pieces today! I didn’t sew much because I needed to spend most of my time quilting. Maybe if I sew just a few minutes each day, eventually I’ll get the blocks made. Here’s one block laid out. picture-4989

I hope it looks ok when it’s done.

On another note. How many of you collected the state quarters? After 10 years, I finally put the last quarter in it’s place. YEAH!!picture-4991 It’s hard to believe that it took 10 years to collect the quarters. It seems like we just started them.  My, how times fly!!!

I guess that’s it for now.


2008 BOM top complete

Last year I decided to participate in my LQS’s  first Saturday BOM.  Anyway, I completed the top for it last night. I didn’t get the finishing kit for it because it had too much pink, plus I didn’t want to make all the extra blocks for it. LOL! I decided to just put the blocks together with a sashing  and call it done.  I used lavender for the sashing and went with a border fabric of green with lavender flowers.  The blocks have no lavender in them, but I wasn’t happy with the colors in the blocks so this is how it came out.picture-4970

Tomorrow starts the 2009 BOM and I’ve signed up to make a red and white quilt. They are offering this years BOM in red/white, blue/white or black/white.   It was hard deciding which one to sign up for.  I chose to go with the red/white since I don’t have any red/white quilts.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a nice day!