New apron

picture-4901I won this apron last night at my guild meeting. Yeah! I needed something to help lift my spirits after the last couple of days.

It’s made from a  dishtowel.  We played a game where we all started out with a clothespin attached to our shirt and we couldn’t say the word “Quilt”.  If we did then the first person to call you on it would get to take your clothespin and the one at the end of the night with the most clothespins won. My sister was sitting beside me during the meeting and she said “quilt” so I reached over and took her clothespin, she’s like…..”what are you doing?” Then my friend across the table says “You said “quilt”.  Ah ha! I got hers too! Wow, I then had 3 clothespins, I was having fun at this!!  I was the second one to show a quilt top for show and tell and I was determined that I would NOT say the word quilt while I was up there. Guess what? I said QUILT!  Well, I was then on a mission! By the time show and tell was over I had collected 11 clothespins and won the game.  You know how hard it is not to say the word “quilt”  at a quilt meeting during show and tell when you’re showing and telling about your quilt? Nearly IMPOSSIBLE!! LOL!!!!

Have a great day.