snow day!! yippee!!

Ok, so I don’t like snow. In fact, I hate snow!  But when it snows and they call school off, then I’m all for it!!  It gives me more time to spend downstairs working……where it’s WARM! Yesterday, when I got home, the windows on my bus, had ice on the inside!! No wonder I was cold. It took all evening to warm up.

On to better things. I’ve finished quilting a hungary catapiller quilt today and have the second one loaded. Hopefully I can finish it today. I also finished sewing rows together on a flannel rag quilt that I started making a couple of years ago.  As soon as I get it clipped and washed, I can mark it off my UFO list!!!!! picture-4902

The rag quilts that I’ve made before, one side just has seams on it but this time I decided to overlap the squares, so I’ll get the ragged look on both sides.  Hopefully after it’s clipped and washed it will look good.  The bad thing is that I’ll have to clip all the seams on both sides! UGH! picture-4903

I bought a pair of  scissors a while back for this quilt. They work great so far. I like the way they open back up on their own.  picture-4904 I have a lot of clipping to do!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Have a great day.


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