UFO finished, scrap quilt started

I finished the rag quilt that I was working on. I got all the edges clipped, washed and dryed it, so it’s officially finished!! I love the warmth from rag quilts.

My DD is home for a week, so she’s helping me use some of my scraps. Yeah! My goal for next year is to use as much fabric as possible to get it cleared out of here! She’s making a scrap quilt from Bonnie Hunters site. I can’t get any pictures to upload today for some reason so I can’t show how much progress she’s made today. We planned on baking cookies today, but she’s having too much fun sewing.

Sometime, I hope to show some pictures. I guess there must be a problem with WordPress, becuase I couldn’t get any pictures to upload on either computer. That is so frustrating. Oh well, have a good day!