Guild opportunity quilt and packing

My guild makes a quilt each year to raise money. I quilted last years quilt so another lady was going to quilt this years. Well……she hurt her foot (bad) and hasn’t been able to quilt, so I was asked if I could get it quilted before our quilt show. I said Yes! Anyway, here’s how it looks.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it, I stared at it for along time and finally just started quilting. I like the way it came out.

If you’re close to the Leavenworth, Kansas area, our quilt show is Friday Sept 12th (evening time, I’m not sure of the exact time it starts, 4 or 5 o’clock) and then Saturday Sept 13th from like 9 to 6. Come on by our quilt show! It’s held in downtown Leavenworth on Delaware street. One block east of Quilters Quarters quilt shop. You can see the quilts at the show and shop at the quilt store. What a great way to spend a Saturday!!!

Oh well, I’ve been packing this weekend and trying to get everything done before I leave Wed. I’ll get back just in time for the quilt show. Speaking of quilt shows, Jill in Italy has found out that there is another quilt show going on while Pam and I are going to be there!! It’s in another small town and I guess it’s more art quilts. Anyway, Jill called the lady in charge of the show and told her that Pam and I would be visiting Italy, so we’re going to have lunch with her and go to her quilt show. That will be on Friday and then Jill’s quilt show is on Sunday. Jill’s show is held in a village where they hang the quilts outside in like a courtyard area. Doesn’t that sound neat?

Well, I better get to bed. One more day of work and then I’m off to Italy!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!


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