hand dyed fabrics and #2

Thanks to those who responded to my question about which quilt they liked better. I do like them both but I decided to go with #2. I’ve been busy dyeing fabrics for it. I’ve dyed 11 different colors. I’ll only need 8 of these, but I figured that I could choose which colors I wanted after they were all dyed. I dyed 4 shades of each color and they all came out different. Some look more marbled, some came out dark to light and a few came out just barley a lighter shade different than the other pieces. Oh well, I had fun dyeing all the fabrics. I used cotton sateen  this time.  Here’s how they look.

Now I just need to find the time to make it!!

Have a great day!!


technology…what an amazing thing

It really is amazing that I can travel down the highway, read blogs, check my e-mail and be connected to the internet all while in the car! I love this. I decided to bring my laptop along on our roadtrip so that I could get caught up on few things. This is nice!

Anyway, I’ve been quilting as much as possible this last week. I finished 5 customer quilts. I also designed a couple of snails trail quilts on EQ. I did 2 different colorways and I like the way both of them look, but I’ll only make one, so which one do you like better?

This is #1

Here’s #2

I’d like to dye the fabric for it, so the colors will be different that what is showing, but I hope it will come out looking similar to what it looks like here. I used 4 shades of each color, going from dark to light.

What do you think? 1or 2?

Let me know your thoughts…………PLEASE???????


BOM and baby quilt

This year I decided to do the first Saturday BOM at my LQS. I’ve been keeping up with getting the blocks done each month. Yipee!! Sometimes I’m making them the night before they are due, but I am getting them done on time. Here’s the blocks so far.
They showed the finished quilt today, but I’m not sure if I will use their finishing kit or do something different. Anyway, I’ll figure that out later.

I also bought a baby quilt panel today. It’s a new one that they just got in. Made of flannel. I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow, so instead of buying a package of diapers on the way home today, I decided that I could come home and quilt it and have it ready for the shower tomorrow!! Yeah for me………It’s done!!!! I just meandered it and put the binding on and it’s ready to go.
Here’s the fabric on the back.
That was my day for quilting.

On another note, my DH planted an apple tree last year. This year it produced 1 lonely apple. Anyway, we picked it today! It’s not the best looking apple I’ve ever seen but it’s our first!!!

That’s if for now. Have a great day.


Festival pictures on Webshots

I finally got around to uploading some pictures on my webshots page, so if you’d like to see more pics of the quilt show and some that I took at the festival grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the show! I think I put 103 pictures of the village/quilt show in the album.
you can see them at