Italy quilt show

Whew! What an enjoyable week I had in Italy! The quilt show I went to was held in a small village in the mountains. Talk about beautiful!! The town was so old and you could look between the houses and see mountains. The quilts were hung outside in the little courtyard and some were out in the open area of the town hanging on the sides of the buildings.

The last 3 pictures are of Pam and the quilt that her 94 yr old Grandmother had made, me and my white wholecloth and one of Pams underground railroad quilt. We were really surprised that so many people in Italy knew the story of the underground RR.

I took lots of pictures so slowly I will get some of them put on my blog and tell about some of my adventures.
I am behind on my quilting so I better get back to work on my customer quilts. I’m suffering with jetlag so I’m moving slow. It’s worth it though after the fun week I had.

Have a great day!!

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