I sure wish I would have finished the mystery quilt that I started almost 8 years ago, because I am soooo lost on what to do with it now! LOL!! I have several baggies with numbers written on them, strips sewn together, and partial blocks. The instructions are not written clear enough to even know what it is supposed to look like. Oh, why did I wait so long? I think this may end up having an original look to it. I don’t even remember which size I am making!! LOL!! I am determined though that I will get it done. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. picture-1499.jpgpicture-1500.jpg

I have finished quilting several customer quilts as well as 1 of my own.The first one was for my LQS. picture-1463.jpg



Here is my quilt that I finally finished. I designed the pattern and had my friend Sharon piece it for me. I finally quilted it. I named the quilt “Purrr”sonality Stars. How’s that? LOL! I bought some fairy fabric to make another one using this pattern. I may have to see if Sharons up to piecing another one for me! LOL!!


I guess that’s it for now. I think I’ll go sew a few minutes on my mystery quilt. I haven’t sewn on it yet today and I try to sew at least 5 minutes everyday on it. Then I’ll load another quilt on the machine and quilt a little while before bed.

Have a great day.



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