I finally got around to putting more pictures on my webshots page. I hadn’t updated it since the MQS pictures I put on there back in May. Before that I think it was April and those pictures were of the Lock in. I was looking at some of the quilts and a couple of them, I don’t remember quilting, but I know I did! I see so many different quilts that it’s hard to remember. I try to take pictures of all of them after I quilt them, but I don’t always get that done. I have a lot more to upload, hopefully I can get those done soon. You can check them out at

I’m trying to get things ready for next week. Pam and I are sooooo excited about going to Italy!! I can’t believe it’s almost time to go!!

I still have a few more quilts to quilt before I leave so I better get to work.

Have a great day!

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