I dyed again

Well, I tried dyeing again. I’m not as excited about this batch. I figured I would try using some muslin this time and cut it into FQ’s. I don’t know why some of them came out looking textured and  some came out almost solid. I was trying to put them all in the containers the same way. See the difference? The first picture shows how some look almost a solid color and the next one shows how some look more textured (which is what I was trying for). I don’t like the muslin.  It doesn’t have a high thread count so it’s not as nice feeling as the Kona I used last week. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with how the colors came out or not, but I know I won’t use it again.

I measured out the dye for 12 colors this time and just poured the left over dye solution in the other containers that I had ready. I put a little of this and a little of that, so some of the colors are real similar. I dripped some in one (on purpose) just to see what would happen to it. Sure enough, I can tell where the color landed on the fabric. It’s the 3rd one from the left.These all came out kind of greenish except the turquoise one.

These are yellow/orange.

And here are the pinkish ones. They almost all look alike!

I didn’t get the variety of colors like I did last time. I’ve been using the 3 colors and mixing them but I think now I want to just order the colors that I want to have instead of mixing the yellow and red or the blue and red etc. I’d like to have certain colors. I guess I’ll keep working at this dyeing stuff. It is fun!!

Well, that’s it for now.  Have a great day!


Oh….. on the last post I saw an animals face ( dog was my first thought)  and a tin man character!!

my first dyeing experience

Well, I did it!!! I dyed some fabric. I jumped in with both feet and learned a lot! Most of what I learned was what NOT to do.

I wasn’t sure what colors I was going to get, so I decided to do the 24 shades.  I had all the containers marked by number and I started putting all the red dye in first. I went down the list and put the correct amount into each one. Except the last cup because I ran out of red dye. so it just got a few drops. Then I  put in the yellow. No problem,  except on cups 8 & 9 I think I mixed them up. Anyway, had lots of yellow left over so it went in to the last cup with the red drops. Then I went to blue and filled each one with the blue, putting the left over in the last cup. So I didn’t actually get color 24 which I believe now should have been a shade of purple. Anyway, after that I took and put in the fabric. Well, I didn’t do that right because some of the pieces came out looking like tye dyed. Here’s all the colors I got.

I didn’t think about the fact that I was doing the dyeing using directions for fat quarters and I was putting in half yard cuts. I think I should have used more dye. That would have helped, I’m sure. I did get some pretty  fabric anyway.

I was ironing the fabric and I see something on these 2 pieces. I took closeups,  do you see anything?

Well, that’s it for now. I will file this experience as a learning one. Next time maybe the fabric will come out looking more like I want it to look. LOL!!  although, I do like this. Maybe I should make a turning twenty or some other quilt that uses large squares.  hhhhhmmmmm.

Oh well, have  great day!


not much new, just staying busy

Sadly, today is my last day of summer vacation. BOO HOO!!! We went and picked up buses Monday so the big yellow fellow is back in the driveway.  I am ready to see all my kids, just not ready to go back to getting up at 5:30 in the morning. UUUGGHH!! I get my schedule turned around during the summer and stay up till 2:00 or so. No more of that!!!!

I finished quilting the next Patchwork party quilt for my LQS yesterday. I love the fabrics they used this time.  I don’t remember when it starts but it will be soon. Now I need to get a couple of customer quilts done for our quilt show in Sept. I’m running out of time!

On another note……do you know what it’s like to wash (2) 10 yard pieces of fabric in the washing machine? I’ve never seen such a tangled up mess in my life! LOL!!!! I bought a bolt of fabric to dye and I didn’t want to cut it up so I just cut it in half and washed it in synthropol. Hopefully I will have time to dye it soon. I’m anxouis to try it. I’m not sure what the best size is for dyeing fabric the first time. FQ’s, 1/2 yards or full yards?  Any suggestions from you that dye?????

I think I better go get something done. Something productive anyway!!

Have a great day!