I got’er done!

I managed to get the motor changed on my machine this week. Boy what a hassle!!!!!! It started acted up and I called APQS and they said that I probably needed new brushes in the motor. OK…….I ordered a new set of brushes. They came the next day. I didn’t have time to work on it that evening, so the next day my DH came home from work and said let’s get it done. So we took the motor off and changed the brushes. Then, we couldn’t get the motor put back together right. It just wouldn’t fit!!!! Needless to say, my DH was getting tired after working all night and in the process of trying to get the motor pulled apart AGAIN. he caught the corner of the piece that holds the check spring on there and broke it. Well, so much for that motor! I then called APQS again and they said that they can’t fix that part of the motor. Since I live close to KC she gave me the company that they buy the motors from, I called them and they were able to have the correct motor at the store the next day, so yesterday morning I went and bought a new motor and without my DH’s help. (He feels soooooo bad about breaking the first one) anyway, I put the new motor on, retimed the machine and got back to quilting last night. Mission accomplished!!

Now I’m off to go quilt. Have a great day!



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