I never thought my quilting would get me anywhere. BUT I was wrong….if I didn’t quilt for people the following would never happen. So, on with the story. I have a friend that I quilt for and she has a friend that I now quilt for and that friend just happens to live in Italy. Well……I’ve been invited to go to Italy next year for the quilt show that her friend is involved with. She sent me an e-mail saying that they had their quilt show and that the Italians were quite taken with my quilting so Pam and I should come next year for the show. It’s held in a mountain village there in northern Italy. Pams been to Italy twice already and she had told me that we should go sometime. When I got the e-mail from Jill, I thought “let’s go” Of course my DH wasn’t as excited as I was. I think I have him talked into letting me go! He’s worried that I would be half way around the world without him!! I get so excited when I think about gong to Italy!!! So does Pam! She called the other night and we talked and talked about how much fun we would have. We would go to Venice for sure. That’s the only thing other than the quilt show that I know we would do. I hope it works out. I have to start saving my money!!!! And get a passport!!!!! And loose a few pounds because I hear the food over there is wonderful!!!! Oh, I’m getting myself worked up again. I better go make some money. Have a wonderful day!!!


3 thoughts on “Italy

  1. You should definately go to Italy. My DH and I went there for our honeymoon, Rome, Florence and Venice, in that order. We loved Florence the best (which is in the northern Tuscany region) and Venice and Rome were beautiful of course. The food is AWESOME, but you will probably be doing A LOT of walking, which is great too. If you get a chance to go around Tuscany, do, it is absolutely beautiful. And watch the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, the scenery is awesome. It would be so fun to visit Italy with just the purpose of showing off quilting! My two favorite things, quilts and Italy! I hope you a lot of fun!

    Anna L.


  2. I absolutely love Italy and can’t wait to go back someday. Learn a few words before you go, like how to ask where something is, or how to get somewhere, and especially where’s the bathroom? LOL Italians seem so thrilled when you try to speak their language. I swear it was like they wanted to take me home and introduce me to their whole family! They are, for the most part, a warm and bubbly group of people. Laid back and friendly. What could be better than to be amongst such folks in gorgeous surroundings?



  3. Hi Theresa,

    My name is Arend and I am living in Holland. I just read your Dorothy
    story. Nice story ! I think worldwide we are all doing the same thing on saturday,shopping.
    I just started a blog about quilting.
    I’ll be back later to discus some things.

    Have a nice and cheap next saturday.


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