Great Christmas

I had a great Christmas. Sunday my Dad and his wife came up and we gathered at my sisters house. Had great food!! Monday, (Christmas eve) we all went over to Mom’s and had a houseful. Almost 40 people in her house. Had great food!! We were only missing one nephew and his wife. (he’s a fireman and had to work) and then I have one stepsister that lives out of state. Otherwise everyone was there. Today was Christmas so I fixed Christmas dinner and Mom and Stepdad came over to eat with us. Food was great!! I think I’ve gained a few pounds this week with all the get togethers. But it’s been nice. We also had a white Christmas. What could be better? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


traveling through snow

Yesterday my DH and I headed from KC to south of St Louis. We left at 5:30 am and knew that they were forecasting heavy snow for KC.  We  had to get down there and back.  We were making good time  until we got back to Oak Grove and from then on what should have taken us and hour to get home turned into  about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Cars were going about 30-35 miles and hour on I-70. We heard that I-70 was closed west of Topeka and I-29 was closed north of St Joe. Both because of 30 car pile ups.  We didn’t have any problems until we got in our driveway, the snow had drifted so deep in front of the garage that we had to make about 5 runs at it before we made it into the garage.  But we made it!!

I took my mystery quilt with me and hand sewed the binding down in the car. It is now finished except for the label.  Yeah!!!  I put it on the bed when we got home and we slept under it. I used a wool batting.  I like it.

Anyway, that’s it for my exciting travel day. I’m glad we made it home and I’m glad my mystery quilt is done.

Have a great day and drive safely if you’re traveling for the holidays.


rows assembled!!!

I finished assembling the rows last night. I still need to get the borders put on but here’s how it looks. picture-1772.jpgThe scrappy stars are the blocks and then the pieced sashing strips make the other blocks with the pinkish square in the middle. picture-1770.jpg picture-1771.jpgI’m not sure if I was supposed to keep the star points the same color or not. One of my friends that made it kept hers the same. So……anyway, it’s together!!! Now to get the borders put on. That will have to wait for now as I need to go start my Christmas shopping!!!!! I haven’t done any yet!!

Have a great day!!


all rows completed

I now have all the rows to my mystery sewn. The sashing strips are also sewn together. Now I’m ready to start putting them together. The blocks are large so there is only 5 blocks to each row and then 6 rows for the queen size quilt.

I would’ve been farther along on it except that I had to quilt a customer quilt yesterday. It was supposed to be my last one except that when one of my customers picked up her quilt last week she asked if I could do a baby quilt for her by Christmas and I said sure, so now I have 1 more Christmas quilt to do. Anyway, today it was church, out to eat with bro and SIL, home for about an hour (long enough to change clothes and sew the last 2 rows together)  then over to Mom’s for a birthday party. Now I’m home and ready to sew.

I went back and looked through the blog here and I found out that on Sept 18th I put pics of the bags of pieces that I had, then on Oct 10th I had 3 blocks completed. I’m not going to post pics now of the rows because it might cause me to not continue. Keeping you in suspense is what is motivating me to keep working now. I can hardly wait to show you how it comes out. I think I’ll go work on it!!


1 row together

I’ve been sewing on my 8 year old mystery this morning and I now have 1 row sewn together!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I should be quilting instead of sewing but I’m in the mood to sew. I have a lady coming to pick up a quilt so I came upstairs and thought I’d share my news. LOL!!! After 8 years of it sitting in the box now I’m thinking I might get it done before the end of the year. That’s my goal!! Oh well, I gotta go. I’ll let you know how much I get done.


Update…. I now have 3 rows and 3 sashing strips. I had to stop sewing and move to the LA.  Maybe I can sew more later.

another day off

We didn’t get the ice as bad as they thought we would but we did get enough to cause them to cancel school again today. Yippee!!!! Another day off!! I love when they call snow days. Yesterday my DH decided to take a day of vacation and stay home too. Even though he was home, I did manage to get the quilt finished that I had on the machine. Start to finish in 1 day. I worked most of the day on it and it’s mostly feathers.

I’m home alone today and so far I’ve emptied the dishwasher, have the 2nd load of laundry in the machine, put up the Christmas tree and loaded the next quilt. I guess I’m doing good. I’ve been up for 2 1/2 hours. I have to hit the shower pretty soon as I have an appointment at the chiropractor this morning. I might run by my LQS while I’m out. That sounds good, don’t ya think?????

Here’s what the backyard looks like. picture-1767.jpg

This is out the front window.picture-1768.jpg

I see I better get going or I’ll be late for my appt. Have a great day and I hope you’re somewhere warm!!!


ice storm

Well, they are calling for us to get an ice storm tonight. Southern Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma have already gotten hit and now it’s heading towards KC. Right now it’s just raining outside but we’ll see what happens by morning. They’re already closing most of the school districts around. Mine was one of the first to cancel. Yippee!!!! That means I can stay home and quilt all day tomorrow!! Well……that is unless the power goes out. We have the generator ready to hook up if we need it. Hopefully we won’t. Anyway, I’m just glad that I don’t have to get out in the morning. My DS’s college has closed for tomorrow too. That means DH will be the only one that has to get out in the morning. Poor guy. HEE HEE. I get soooooo much more done when he’s not home. Luckily he only has to drive 7 miles to work.

I loaded a quilt today but didn’t have time to start quilting on it. I thought I better go to the store in case I get iced in for a few days. I was running low on diet coke!!! I can live without alot of things but not that!! LOL!! Wally world was packed. I think everyone decided to stock up on things.

I guess that’s it for now.



I’m sure glad I have zippers on my LA.  I finished this quilt tonight and took it off the machine and realized that I had missed one area. It was nice being able to just zip it right back on, quilt the area and then zip it back off in a matter of minutes. I thought I’d gone over it good before taking it off, but……not good enough I guess.

Anyway, I finished this tonight.picture-1765.jpg I didn’t quilt much on it yesterday as I went to the eye doctor and ran a couple errands, but I knew I had to get it done today because I have one that has to be finished by Saturday and it’s not on the machine yet. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!!! Luckily it’s going to be a fairly easy one to quilt. I hope!!

I wonder why it is that I can think of things to write when I’m not at the computer and then when I finally sit down to write something here, my mind goes blank??  Oh well.

That’s it for now.


another one done

I quilted another one today. It was a small quilt for a ladies GD. I also loaded the next quilt that I need to get done. It’s a combination of log cabin blocks and fan blocks. I’ve never seen a quilt like this before.  It’s pretty neat looking.

The lady that made the truck quilt picked it up today and loved it! She was so excited about getting it binded and giving it to her GS for Christmas. His favorite trucks are cement trucks! She liked the way I quilted the cement trucks in the borders.

I think I’ll go quilt a little before going to bed.

Have a good one!


got one done

After taking the weekend off, I was ready to quilt today. I quilted a small quilt. It’s for a little boy that LOVES trucks. His Gr’ma made this for him. I tried to draw the cement truck from the fabric and put one on each of the borders. I guess it looks ok. I’m sure he’ll like it.picture-1762.jpg Here’s a closeup of the truck.picture-1764.jpg

Anyway, that’s what I accomplished so far today. I ordered a bolt of white muslin last week and it came today so I need to go cut a piece for the back of the next quilt that I need to do. I was hoping to get that next quilt loaded before going to bed, but I don’t think that will happen. Oh well, if I at least get the back cut and squared up, I’ll be ready to load in the morning.

I guess that’s it for now.