I never thought my quilting would get me anywhere. BUT I was wrong….if I didn’t quilt for people the following would never happen. So, on with the story. I have a friend that I quilt for and she has a friend that I now quilt for and that friend just happens to live in Italy. Well……I’ve been invited to go to Italy next year for the quilt show that her friend is involved with. She sent me an e-mail saying that they had their quilt show and that the Italians were quite taken with my quilting so Pam and I should come next year for the show. It’s held in a mountain village there in northern Italy. Pams been to Italy twice already and she had told me that we should go sometime. When I got the e-mail from Jill, I thought “let’s go” Of course my DH wasn’t as excited as I was. I think I have him talked into letting me go! He’s worried that I would be half way around the world without him!! I get so excited when I think about gong to Italy!!! So does Pam! She called the other night and we talked and talked about how much fun we would have. We would go to Venice for sure. That’s the only thing other than the quilt show that I know we would do. I hope it works out. I have to start saving my money!!!! And get a passport!!!!! And loose a few pounds because I hear the food over there is wonderful!!!! Oh, I’m getting myself worked up again. I better go make some money. Have a wonderful day!!!



I always have the hardest time trying to come up with a title for the blog! I think I should update it more often, but then I never know what to say. Do you really want to read that I bought a new pair of crocs?  Well, Saturday, my DH asked if I wanted to go to Cabelas with him and I said “Yes, I need to get a new pair of black crocs.” ( I’ve worn the bottom of my black ones smooth. ) Anyway, he asked why I wanted another pair because winter is coming and I told him that last winter I wore  knitted slipper socks with my crocs to keep my feet warm. Of course with holes on the sides I couldn’t wear them in the snow. Well, we got to Cabelas, and look what I found!picture-1599.jpg

They are lined with the holes filled in on the sides and in my size!!! Yeah! I’d never seen crocs like these before. Have you? I love crocs and wear them everyday. So I was happy to find these in my size and in the color that I wanted. How lucky was that????

On the quilting side of life, I now have 15 blocks pieced on my 8 yr old mystery and I’m on clue 6 on the new mystery.

I also did 2 quilts with pantograph patterns on them over the weekend. That’s something I NEVER do!   99% of my quilting is custom. Sometimes I do freehand allover designs but not pantos. Anyway, I think they came out fine.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great day!


update on mysteries

I’ve been busy getting quilts finished so I haven’t written anything lately. I’m still sewing a few minutes each day on both my 8 year old mystery as well as the new mystery quilt that I’m making. I’m still not sure about the 8 year old mystery. I have left over pieces from steps that I’ve done. The directions don’t say how many of anything I’m supposed to make…..I’m just sewing pieces together and I guess when I have enough blocks, I’ll put them together and call it done. Here’s what the blocks are looking like. I have 3 completed so far.picture-1601.jpg

Here’s a block from the current mystery I’m doing. I’m getting behind on it as this is clue 4 and clue 5 was posted last week. I have 4 out of 12 blocks done for clue 4. Clue 5 looks easier so maybe I’ll get caught up before clue 6 is posted. (I wish!!LOL!!)picture-1600.jpg

Ok, that’s it for now.  Have a great day!


feeling old

My baby turns 22 today. It doesn’t seem possible! It seems like it was just yesterday that he was born! I’m getting old!!! Oh well, getting old is better than the alternative!! He went out last night and celebrated with his buddies. Tonight their all coming over here and I’m going to grill hamburgers and make him a cake. I have a busy day planned. I’ve got potatoes cooking now for some potato salad and I have to run to town later to pick up a cake mix and get some ice cream. He wants a German chocolate cake. I hope I have time to get all this done before I have to leave on the bus. My parents are coming over too. Plus I really need to finish the quilt that’s on the machine today.

I better get off here. Have a wonderful day!!