Sewing 10 minutes a day

I’ve decided that in order for me to finish the quilt top that has been on my design wall since February, I’m going to have to make myself work on it for 10 minutes a day.  I have found that this usually works for me. Just 10 minutes. That’s it! I think I can find 10 minutes in my day to quickly sit down at my DSM and sew.  I sat down last night and sewed 4 sets of blocks into pairs.

Picture 008

I’ll then sew the pairs into squares. I have 8 out of 16 large squares sewn together.

Picture 010

I really need to finish this. I’m ready to look at something new on my design wall. LOL!!

I did the sewing on the blocks while taking a break from quilting.  You know sometimes, it feels good to sit down for a minute. LOL!! Anyway, this is a block from the quilt I was working on. I put  loops with flowers and leaves in the background behind the baskets.

Picture 004

My customer picked it up this morning. Now I need to get the next one loaded on.

Well, that’s it! Have a great day!


Attaching binding with the longarm

Have you ever wondered how to do this?  Well, here is the way that I sew mine on.  I cut my binding strips @ 2 1/2″ then fold in half and press.

First, make your binding and press the beginning of it diagonally. Then trim the excess away.

Picture 001

Working from the front of the machine. (I like to start down anywhere from 6 to 10″  inches from the upper right hand corner of the quilt.)  Lay the binding on the quilt, backstitch to secure the thread then take a few stitches, stop and open the beginning of the binding. Sew down a few inches, then stop and close the binding strip. I use the foot as a guide. When I start off, I sew a little closer to the edge, so that when I come back, those stitches will be covered and I don’t have to worry about not hitting the exact sewing line. (since I can’t see it when I come back. LOL!)

Picture 003

Picture 004

Make sure that as you sew, you are keeping the binding even with the edge of the quilt.  Stop with the needle down, and advance the quilt as needed.

Picture 005

Picture 006

When you get to the corner, stop the distance of the hopping foot (if that’s what you’re using as your guide) away from the bottom edge of the quilt. Sew off the quilt to your right.

Picture 007

Fold the binding as you would on your DSM.

Picture 008

Then start sewing across the bottom of the quilt.  Making sure that you keep the binding and the edge of the quilt even.

Picture 009

Repeat this process for each corner. The lower left corner and up the left side of the quilt is the trickiest. You are actually going to be going backwards, and sewing away from you.

Picture 010

Picture 011

I lay the binding on the edge of the quilt and hold it down with my fingers to keep it from moving. Stop with needle down and roll the quilt as needed.

Picture 012

Picture 015

Continue to the upper left corner, across the top to the upper right hand corner and you’re almost finished.

Picture 016

Take the binding strip, lay it down on the already sewn binding to see where you need to cut it, so that it will fit up into the already sewn down part of the binding.  I like to make it a pointy diagonal, it seems to fit up into the binding better.

Picture 017

Lift up the beginning of the binding. Remember the part that you didn’t sew down in the beginning? That’s where you stick the end of the binding strip. Then lay it back down. Make sure that both the beginning and end of the binding strips are nice and even, then sew down the remaining binding.

Picture 018

Here it is finished.

Picture 022

Now I take it off the machine, trim the edges and hand sew it down.  At that point I also use  a matching thread and  small stitches to  close the diagonal area where  the ends meet.

Picture 021

Ok, that’s it. Did it make sense? I hope I explained everything alright, if not, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.  If you have any questions please ask!

Also, please tell me if you try this and how you liked it.  It does save time and no wrestling with the quilt at the DSM. LOL!!

Have a great day!


My new project

Well, I wrote a while back about wanting to start on a new project and it finally got the better of me! I started working on it! I ordered a  bolt of this beautiful hand dyed 108″ wide backing fabric and when it came I just thought it was so pretty!  Anyway, I had ordered a set of patterns of state birds and flowers back in 2003 (I looked at the post mark) and I thought hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what that would look like if I embroidered it in white? hmmmmmmmmm So anyway, I couldn’t wait any longer and I marked one block and started work on it. Here it is. What do you think?

Picture 002

So far I’m lovin it! I started it Thursday night and Friday I decided that I needed to make a bag to carry it in. That way, I’ll have everything together and if I need to grab it and head out the door, all I have to do is grab the bag and go. So………today, I made a bag for it.

Picture 001

I combined 2 different pattern ideas and made it the size I wanted. It folds open so that I can get to what I want.  I put pockets on the inside to hold certain things.

Picture 006

I’m going to add velcro to the upper corners to help hold it closed. I will also put a small piece of velcro behind the yellow pocket and the turquoise pocket to hold them closed.

The turquoise pocket will hold the patterns and blocks when I get them cut.

The orange pocket is divided into 3 sections and will hold the embroidery floss,  scissors and the pens I use to mark the patterns. The green strip is the bottom of the bag.

Picture 007

The yellow pocket will hold the finished blocks and the pink pocket will hold the block that I’m working on.

Picture 008

Well, that’s what I’ve accomplished over the weekend.  As soon as I get the velcro pieces sewn on, I’ll be all done with it! Yeah!! The bag anyway!!! LOL!!!  It will take years to make 50 blocks. That’s one reason why I chose to make the bag using a black fabric! LOL!!  Who knows what the bag will look like after I tote it around for ?????years.

That’s it for now……………….


A little tip that saves time

I didn’t get a whole lot of quilting done today, but I did get some of the blocks quilted. I thought I’d share a tip that I used today for marking. I made radiating lines coming out from the design in the center, so instead of using a ruler and marking off every so many inches on each side and having to find the center of each block,  I cut a square of paper the size of the block and then folded in half, folded again in half, then again so that I had even folds along the edges. I then clipped the edge of the folds, so that I could use that as a guide. I then opened the paper and folded the opposite way, to get the other side marked so that it has little notches all the way around. I then laid it on the block and made little marks in each notched area.Picture 009

Then I took a long ruler and connected the marks, so that I could see where to quilt when I was against the design. (I used a disappearing pen and it didn’t stay on there very long.) Once I started I had to work fast!

Picture 010

If you haven’t used folded paper for marking distances on sections, it is quick and easy. It can also be used in sashings.

Picture 013

Ok that’s if for now. I’ll get back to canning tomatoes. They are finally coming on strong, so the next few weeks I’ll be canning lots of tomatoes and making salsa. Yum! Yum!

Have a great one!


Meet Beau

My son came home last night with a surprise for me. A new little orange kitten!!

Picture 5854

He was hoping the kitten would be ready for my BD back in May, but Beau was only a week or so  old at that time.   He asked me several times if I was going to get another cat and I’d say yeah, one of these days. He’s already called home today from work to see how Beau is doing.

Picture 5855

Isn’t he cute???????

Well, I better go get something done today, other than playing with Beau!!!

Have a good day!!


MQS quilt – Flora Elena

I posted a while back about a quilt that I was quilting for a friend of mine that we were going to enter in the MQS show. Well, here it is.

Flora Elena 11

Doris took these phot0s outside so that the quilting will show up on it. Hand dyed fabrics were used in the applique flowers and baskets.

Flora Elena 2

Flora Elena 8

Flora Elena 9

Flora Elena

Flora Elena 3

I couldn’t decide what to do in the sashings until the very last. This ended up being very tedious and time consuming. (Wait, who am I kidding, this whole quilt was time consuming.LOL!!)

Flora Elena 7

Anyway, we are so excited this morning, after seeing that it received a 3rd place ribbon at MQS!  That makes it worth all the hours that went into the quilting of it.

Have a great day!!!


baby bird

Last night my son was weed eating and he was by a tree, there were 2 robins fluttering around near the ground and just chirping loudly getting rather close to him.  He didn’t know why they were acting that way, and then suddenly, he saw that as he moved the weed eater along,  he barely nicked the side of a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest and was on the ground.  He looked and it had a bit of blood near one eye and some by it’s beak.

My son felt so bad, he didn’t know what to do.  He came in the house and told me what happened, so we went out to see if we could find the nest. Sure enough, it was located about 10 feet up in the tree. We got the ladder and he climbed up and put the baby bird back in the nest.

While doing this, the mother robin landed on a branch about 12″ from the nest and just sat chirping excitedly  and watching him. After the baby was placed back in the nest the mother robin seemed happy and content so she went out to find food for her babies. There were 2 other babies in the nest. They all seem to be doing fine now. The birds and my son!

Picture 5726