First day of spring!

I’m glad that winter is officially over! I know here in Kansas we’ll still have cold weather, but it’s nice to know that soon the flowers will be in bloom and the grass will be green and the weather will be warm!! I’m not a cold weather person………..I hate being cold. I guess the only good thing about winter is that you can snuggle up under a quilt and get warm. I have plenty of those around. LOL!!

Anyway, on to other things. My computer is really running slow these days. I get mad at it because I don’t have time to waste being on here. I like to add pictures whenever I post a new blog, (I figure that you’d rather see pictures than just listen to me yack about stuff.) But no pictures again today.

I’ve been off work this week for spring break and I’ve finished 3 customer quilts so far. (custom quilted)  I have the next one loaded on the machine. Hopefully I can get it done today.  I haven’t had time to work on any of my stuff lately. My snails trail quilt is still hanging on the design wall. I really want to get it done, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I’m having lunch with my freind Pam tomorrow. YEAH!!!! I’m looking forward to getting together with her. I don’t get to see her very often. We had such fun on our trip to Italy last fall. I wish we could go again this year to the festival……..whenever I start thinking about Italy, I think of the food and how nice all the people were that we met.  Ok, I have to stay focused here. Tomorrow, Pam and I can talk about Italy, and I’m sure we will! We are going to go to the grand reopening of my LQS in the morning, then do some shopping around town before we have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaraunt.

Speaking of my LQS, my sister went to work there a couple weeks ago. I’ve seen her more in the last 2 weeks than I have the last 2 months! HAHA!! I went in there last week to help her choose fabric for the mystery lock in.  She chose a batik fabric with cats on it that are outlined in purples, turqoise, hot pink and lime green. She picked these colors to also go into the quilt. I think it’s going to be awsome!! She wasn’t sure about the green, but I convinced her it will work, I showed a picture of the quilt to one of the girls that works there, and she agreed with the choice of green.

Speaking of the mystery lock in……my freind Doris is working on getting my quilt top made.  I dyed the fabrics for it and got pretty close to the same shades.    I can hardly wait to see it!!! I’ve seen several peoples choices for fabrics, and they all look great. That’s the fun thing about doing the mystery, all the quilts come out looking so different. When the days starts, we walk around and check out everyones fabrics, sometimes, our first thought  is………oh….. I don’t know about those fabrics…….then later when the quilt top has came alive, it’s like WOW! I never would have chosen those fabrics, but they look GREAT!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all the ladies again and their fabric choices!

Well, I guess that’s about it for what’s been going on around here. I need to get back to the machine and get the next quilt quilted.

Have a great day.


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