Staying busy quilting

Where has the first half of Feb. gone??????? I can’t believe it’s half over already. This month I quilted a quilt for a lady from Norway. She was here in the area last summer and saw a quilt that I had quilted at my LQS, so she bought the kit and contacted me to quilt it. I have it quilted and attached the binding for her, now I need to get it shipped off.  I have another one of the same quilt coming soon from another lady. I quilted peacock feathers on the original one in the shop and that’s what everybody likes about the quilt. When I originally did the quilt, I wasn’t sure if the shop owner would like it, but she did and it’s gotten me more business, so that’s a good thing. picture-5053

I received the next Patchwork Party quilt from my LQS yesterday. I love this one!!! ( Sorry I can’t show it to you.) Now I have to decide how to quilt it.

I quilted a BOM for the shop last week, I think it’s called Queen and her Court. picture-5033

My friend Sharon and I are getting ready for our annual mystery Lock in. We’re having it later than usual this year, but that’s a good thing for me. Sharon and I both make the quilts to ensure that we have all the directions written correctly.  My friend Doris has agreed to piece my quilt top for me this year.  YEAH Doris!!! She’s going to piece the queen size top. I finally decided what colors I’m going to use in it, but I need to dye 2 of the fabrics. The blue and purple, I have enough of the pink. Hopefully I can match the colors to what I dyed before. I really like these colors.picture-5032

I’m also going to teach a class on borders and bindings next month, so I’m trying to get things ready for that. I’m hoping that by offering this class, it will help people learn the steps to attaching the border so that their quilt top lays nice and flat and also keeps it square.

Well, I guess that’s it for now, I better get back to the quilt on the machine. Hopefully tonight I’ll get started on sewing the rows together on the snail t’s quilt.  I haven’t had time to work on it lately.

Have a great day!


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