Strings and a new quilt top made.

Today  was National quilting day and I decided to spend the day sewing. I started out sewing strings together for a new string quilt I want to make. I was happily sewing strings until I couldn’t get to my strips easily……..

I decided not to disrupt Beau so I let him sleep. Strips can wait.

I decided to go through some fabric I had on the shelf and found a piece that I had bought years ago to make a Stack-n-whack quilt. Well, that quilt never got made and when I saw the date on the edge of the fabric I decided that it would NEVER get made.

Yep, If I haven’t made the quilt in 18 years………it’s not going to get made! So, I decided it was time to use that fabric in something else.  I chose to use one of the patterns from my book.

The pattern actually calls for 15 assorted strips but I decided to change it up a bit by using 3 sets of 5 colors. I also decided to time how long it took me to make the quilt top. So, start to finish, cutting to complete top was 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Well, that’s how I spent National quilting day. How’d you spend the day?


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