A good day is when you find the perfect fabrics!

We were on the road today and stopped by The Blue Top quilt shop in Lamar, Missouri. I’m so glad we did as I found just the fabrics I’ve been needing. I made this cat print quilt a few weeks ago and it’s been hanging on my design wall waiting on me to decide what to use for a backing.  

 Today I found a cute black and white paw print fabric that is perfect for the back. 

 Now I just need to get it pieced together and quilt it. 😊

The other fabric I wanted was something that would go along with this license plate fabric that I bought last summer. 

 The plan is to make a quilt based on the technique in my book, but make it bigger. So I needed another fabric to work into the mix. Here’s what I found today. 


That’s what I call a good day. 😀