MQS quilt – Flora Elena

I posted a while back about a quilt that I was quilting for a friend of mine that we were going to enter in the MQS show. Well, here it is.

Flora Elena 11

Doris took these phot0s outside so that the quilting will show up on it. Hand dyed fabrics were used in the applique flowers and baskets.

Flora Elena 2

Flora Elena 8

Flora Elena 9

Flora Elena

Flora Elena 3

I couldn’t decide what to do in the sashings until the very last. This ended up being very tedious and time consuming. (Wait, who am I kidding, this whole quilt was time consuming.LOL!!)

Flora Elena 7

Anyway, we are so excited this morning, after seeing that it received a 3rd place ribbon at MQS!  That makes it worth all the hours that went into the quilting of it.

Have a great day!!!


16 thoughts on “MQS quilt – Flora Elena

  1. The quilt rat

    Congrats! This quilt is absolutely Stunning! I hope you will enter other shows because this is most definitely a winner. Everything about it is fabulous and that quilting……..WOW!!!!!


  2. Penny

    DANG, GIRL!! That quilt is amazing. Wonderful, wonderful! I just love it – all of it. I don’t know what the other ones looked like, but this looks like a blue ribbon, to me!


    1. alwaysquilts

      Thank you Marydon! I wasn’t sure how it would look as I was quilting it. I changed my mind a few times from what I planned in the beginning.


  3. Congratulations, Theresa.

    I stood and looked at your exquisite sashings and thought “Wow, I bet that was really time-consuming.”

    Oh, and your borders were great, too. Yummy. Well, the whole thing was pretty great! Good job!


  4. Incredible! Just found you through while searching for inspiration, and this almost shames me into not even trying anything. 😉


  5. alwaysquilts

    KH, I don’t normally put that much quilting into a quilt. We planned this quilt from the beginning, to enter into shows. I’m still amazed that it won a ribbon! I never thought I could win anything at MQS!


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