I need a name

I need a name for the pattern I’m working on. (I absolutely hate having to come up with names for things.) I’d appreciate any suggestions! As soon as I get the pattern written up I’ll have to have a name on the pattern.This is the cat one. The monster one is the other one I’m working on and I have fabric to do one with fairies. Any ideas?

I’ve been cleaning house today and since my DH is off work this week on vacation, I’m not getting any quilting or sewing done. I’ve been doing things with him and other things that need to be done. I wanted the freezer moved from the basement upstairs so I got that done today. It gives me more room in my quilting area. Yeah! Now I can get to my whole pegboard with all my stencils hanging on it. Before the freezer was covering up the last 1/3 of it.I have room now to put my big ironing board up against the wall instead of out in the middle of the room. I had my dad put wheels on it so that I could move it around. He also put a shelf under it. Those big boards are nice but it was so heavy that my ironing boards weren’t sturdy enough.

I also realized today that 2 months from today, Pam and I will be leaving for Italy!!!! I have so much to do between now and then. I get nervous and anxious and afraid that I have to many quilts that I need to finish before we go, and that I won’t get them done. I’m going to have to work overtime on the quilt machine!!!!!!!

I better get something done. Have a great day and please let me know if you have any ideas for a name for the pattern.


6 thoughts on “I need a name

  1. Was cruising Kansas bloggers and found you. Glad I did. Always good to find local folks. I’m going to spend some time reading your older posts when I have a minute. Have a great 4th!


  2. alwaysquilts

    Judi, don’t you love all the information you get from MQR? It’s a great group of quilters.

    Jacquie, I found your blog when I was checking out the Kansas bloggers too!


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