Lock-in 2009

Yesterday, Sharon and I hosted our annual lock in mystery. I think everyone had a fun day of quilting. We had lots of show and tell, which is always fun to see!!!! Here’s this years quilt. We called it Kansas Crossroads. (Ironically, during the making of KANSAS Crossroads, we had tornados in the area, and the sirens were going off for people to take shelter.)

Anyway, this is mine. Which was pieced by my friend Doris. Her and her husband, John, came by for show and tell. That’s John helping hold up the quilt top. picture-5685

Here’s Sharons. She made the throw size quilt.picture-5687

I just finished putting all the pictures from the lock in on my webshots page. So if you’re interested in seeing past lock in quilts and the progress that some of the ladies made yesterday, you can find the pics at http://community.webshots.com/user/alwaysquilts in the lock in 2009 folder. I tried to get everyone with part of their blocks, to show the variety of fabrics and colors. That’s one of the fun things about the mystery, you get such a variety of colors. They always look great too!!! We had a lot of last years quilts for show and tell.

That’s it for now. I need to go finish putting my things away. I unloaded the car today, and carried everything downstairs, I just haven’t quite got it all back where it belongs.

Have a great day, and enjoy the pics if you choose to look at them.


Lock-in mystery quilt day, almost here…

Here it is the day before the annual lock in mystery. I’ve been loading up the car with all the things that I need to take. I haven’t put my DSM or any of my projects in yet, as I can’t decide just what I want to work on tomorrow. I think I’ll take my BOM block and get it done for this month as well as thank you blocks for our outgoing Pres. and VP at guild. I should get all those blocks done. I have found in the past that I don’t get a lot of sewing done during the day. I end up pressing and doing frogging for the ladies to help them out. (Especially the ones that make the larger quilts, as they have a lot more pieces to make.) I can hardly wait to see everyones fabric choices!!

Here’s last years quilt.

quilt 4 MQS

I’ve been busy the last few weeks, working on a quilt that a friend of mine made and wants to put in the MQS show next month. It took forever, but I finally finished it. Yeah!!!! I love the way it came out. She’s very happy with it too!! I wish I had a stitch regulator on my machine because I think it would have came out better. I know the judges will mark off for uneven stitches and occasionally hitting the applique, but oh well……..I gave it my best shot. I’m pleased with it and so is the owner of the quilt. I will post pictures next month after MQS.

This Sat. is our annual Lock in mystery quilt. Doris finished my quilt top and I love it. I’m busy now getting prizes ready and getting supplies gathered up. Sharon and I take all the eating utensils, drinks and stuff like that, so I’m trying to get it all ready ahead of time.

Anybody Twitter? I’m trying to figure out just what it is. I’ve joined but I feel like a duck out of water! LOL!!

I quess that’s it for now.


WIP Wed 4/1/09

Kansas City area shops are gearing up for their shop hop this weekend. It starts tomorrow. I quilted the shop hop quilt for Quilters Quarters in Leavenworth. picture-5589 The blocks are set on point so I quilted feathers down the diagonal areas. I love doing feathers!

Here’s another quilt I did last week. It’s  covered in feathers too. Did I say, I love feathers?!!picture-5601picture-5604

picture-56021 I didn’t know what to put into this block, so guess what? Yep! I put a feather!

Well, I’m getting a little silly here. I am tired. I think I better go to bed.